Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fairy Plate & Hollyhock Platter

I couldn't wait to share the garden series pieces which have just come out of the kiln today. So the next few posts I'll be talking about the pieces from this series with applied decoration. I posted these two plates a few posts back, wondering if my hand drawn and carved decorations would survive their glaze firing. Both of these plates are handbuilt from slabs of stoneware clay. I am happy to report all of my applied decorations have come through the bisque and the glaze firing just fine without lifting and without breaking free. Now I will be making more in this garden inspiration series with applied decoration.

The idea for a Fairy Plate came to me one day when I was daydreaming in the garden. Thoughts of fairies flying around the garden at dawn and dusk inspired me to make the plate. This fairy is reaching to catch a star. Fairy Plate is 9 inches in diameter. Lead free glazes are used in colors to accent the fairy as she would appear hovering in the garden.Hollyhocks grow in my herb garden and I just love this old fashioned flower. This year I have more hollyhocks about ready to bloom but I have no idea what colors they will be. I'm hoping to make more hollyhock inspired pieces this Spring. Hollyhock Platter is 13.5 by 10 inches, handmade from slab with stoneware clay. Lead free glazes are used in tones to accent the flowers and leaves.

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