Sunday, August 31, 2008

Butter Says Take It Easy

We have a half wall on one side of our living room where Butter likes to perch each day. The wall has a nice piece of solid alder wood I had made as a top cap, so I have it covered with bath mats so he doesn't scratch the wood. First cat I have ever seen cross his legs; Butter always has his legs crossed just like this when he's up there. I think Butter is contemplating the meaning of Labor Day and has decided it means to take it easy.


  1. Hi Gary, thx, & he is a charmer, Butter is sitting on the chair beside me while I wade thru the paperwork that's been piling up in my office - laboring away on Labor Day - did take yesterday off though.

  2. I am trying to remember, have you any more dogs or cats?

  3. Hi Gary, yes, I have two more cats. Our dog went to heaven about 5 years ago and we haven't gotten another one.


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