Friday, September 5, 2008

Ruffle Bowl - Cracked

Here's the ruffle bowl, doesn't it look nice?

Now take a closer look. I was checking on the drying. What did I see? A crack, no lots of cracks - at every ruffle. I know what happened. Last night I took a tool to impress a little design around the outside of the bowl. The bowl was a little too dry, but I did it any way. Shame on me, that's what I get. Boo Hoo!


  1. I love the seashell plates! What are you thinking for glaze?

    And my mother said the same thing about the gas vs. wood fireplace.
    I guess I'll have to think about it.

  2. Welcome Cheryl, it's easy for me to know how to spell your name since my sister spells her's the same way.

    I responded here once, not sure what happened to it, lost in cyberspace.

    Thanks about the shell bowls. Often times I think shell motifs are overdone, but I like them. I can just see shrimp salad on a bed of lettuce in these. I'm thinking of a peachy pink color for the shell bowls. I have an orange shino for the Cone 10 reduction firing at the college, I'd like to try on them - won't even do a test firing as I'd have to wait for another whole firing to get them done which could be a while. For my Cone 5/6 kiln here I was thinking of a pink pearlescent - if I can find anything like that I can make up.

    I had some fresh scallops served with their shells years ago when my husband and I were dating and I have never forgotten the beauty of the shells. If I could duplicate that color, I'd be happy as a "clam" oops I mean scallop

    Here's a link to the color I am thinking of:,SUNA:2006-01,SUNA:en%26sa%3DN

  3. Oh Cheryl, I added you to my blog roll.

  4. Linda, See
    for Beadmobile.


  5. Thanks Joan, I'll check it out.


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