Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yarn Bowls

Some time ago I was contacted by someone who asked me if I could make a ceramic yarn bowl. My interest was definitely peaked. I wondered just what a yarn bowl could be and how it would be used. I love a good ceramic challenge.

I knew knitters pull yarn from a skein while they are knitting. I did crochet years ago and skeins of yarn for crochet are used in the same manner. I also knew firsthand about the frustration of the skein rolling away and having to retrieve it from the floor as it drops, or from across the room as it rolls away. A yarn bowl is a small bowl used to contain the skein of yarn to keep it from rolling around and getting tangled. The bowl is constructed with a hole or slit to allow the yarn to be pulled easily from the skein while the knitting or crocheting progresses.

Since there are many different sizes of skeins, I reasoned there should be many different sizes of yarn bowls. I also figured a delicate yarn bowl wouldn't do the trick, the bowl would have to have some weight to it. Otherwise the bowl would tip over while the yarn was being pulled from the bowl. Here are a couple of yarn bowls, one with a slit for the yarn to be pulled from, and the other with a hole the yarn would be threaded through. In the next week or so, I will have these and other yarn bowls tested to see how they work and will perfect my designs if necessary.


  1. LOVING THESE BOWLS!!! The one with the slit is my favorite!

  2. Hi CJ, I hope to be posting some with glazes very soon.


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