Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Gift Arrived

Remember my cat Betty picking the winner for the free gift giveway for my 100th post. Well the gifts arrived safely.

Read all about it on CJ's JollyEwe Knitting Blog !


  1. Lavender-- I didn't know! What a beautiful scent. I'm not much into scents and all that, but if I could collect only one, it would be lavender. I was out in the san juan islands a couple years ago and discovered a lavender farm there. Ate lavender cookies. Yum! Wish you didn't have to see your lavender farm.

  2. Linda, I didn't realize you grew lavender? How wonderful! I have a few plants in my yard and they bring me so much joy. That piglet is precious! What a lovely prize package and what a lovely gift to a fellow blogger! Yours is a generous heart.

  3. Yep, I remember when your cat picked the winner! Clever idea and what a nice gift for the lucky recipient!

  4. Hi Amy, we almost moved to Sequim near the San Juan Islands, we want to go back up there for a visit after we sell our house. The men that come into my little gift shop love the smell and always say it smells so "fresh".

    Hi Becky, yes I have tons of lavender plants, too many as it turns out now, but I love the stuff too. I cook with it, make sachets and dried and fresh bundles and more. It's a really rewarding plant.

    Hi Patricia, if I hear a noise in the house I most often call out "Betty" as it is usually her getting into something.

  5. Thanks again Linda, this was truly the best thing I have EVER won and a very generous gift.

    I LOVE everything and have been using the hand salve (it's great for my chapped nursing hands), the dish now holds my wedding ring safely by my sink when I'm showering, the piggy is proudly sitting on the hall table, the lavender satchel is in my "unmentionables" drawer and the herbs are in the herb cabinet waiting for a great recipe.

    As for the Buddha's's slated for some vodka infusing.....and is just plain cool to look at.


  6. Hi CJ, I am glad you like the gift(s). The dark color of the leaf is perfect to see jewelry on - what a good idea. My husband uses the slave for arthritic thumbs due to broken ones from motorcycle riding and swears by it. Lavender is real good in brownies. Hum - vodka - what a good idea. Did you scratch the hand and smell the lemony fragrance - isn't it wonderful. Glad you like it all.


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