Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Soup

It was foggy here today and it never did clear up. My back was finally doing well enough for me to expend a little energy, so I decided to make some turkey soup. This year Gary cooked the turkey and he is really proud of himself. Gary froze most of the turkey the other day, but I told him to save the bones so I could make soup when I was able.

I started with 8 cups of water in a large crock pot. I added in our leftover turkey carcass. I put in one small can of diced tomatoes, 5 stalks of chopped celery, 4 large carrots chopped, and lots of spices like salt, pepper, oregano, tarragon, bay leaves, rosemary, cilantro, celery seed and a bunch of other spices I found in the cabinet but can't remember. I set the crock pot on high for 4 hours, after about 3.5 hours I added in some medium shell noodles.

Gary said he is glad I am feeling better, that he was really worried about my back. (more about my back in another post). I think I might have to cook the soup for another 4 hours tomorrow to bring out all the flavors, but it is really looking good. The carcass provided a lot of flavor and more than I expected of leftover meat into the soup. I pulled out the carcass at 3.5 hours and pulled off as much meat as I could and then tossed the bones.

As I was cleaning the bones, I found the wishbone. Gary and I are basically kids at heart. Gary and I tried to make a wish on the wishbone, but it was too pliable. While we were pulling on the wishbone Gary said, "Is it a secret wish"? I said, "Of course!" I put the wishbone in the cabinet and hope we get to make a wish on it tomorrow. I'll let you know how the soup and the wishbone turn out on my next post.


  1. The soup sounds delicious. It's definitely soup weather! Did you get the results from your MRI? I sure hope your back is feeling better!

  2. Yum! I made stock monday, but no soup yet.
    I would wish for health and happiness, sprinkled with some world peace and such.

  3. Hi Judy, I ended up cooking the soup another 4 hours so we'll have it tonight. Read the next post for my MRI results and thanks so much for asking, I appreciate it.

    Well Meredith, I am definitely wishing for health - we'll try the wishbone again tonight.

    Hi Gary, I need all the luck I can get, sometimes I think my Gary and I may wish for the same things, maybe they come true if that happens, thx.


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