Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seafood Udong

Who could resist this soup with prawns, crab, fish cakes, vegetables and udong noodles. The seafood udong from a local restaurant is not only satisfying to the palette but just the right choice during cold and rainy winter weather. The pink and white half circles look like large radishes but they are fish cakes. I think udong refers to the type of noodles in the soup.

Gary was rather mortified I was taking photos of my food before I ate it, but it was so colorful and nicely presented I just had to share it with you. As I picked up the soup spoon I thought ... gee I could make one of these spoons in clay. I know by this time you must be shaking your head knowing I see clay pieces everywhere I go. Pinching bowls and spoons doesn't take up much room. I can easily set up a board on the RV table. I notice in the photo one of the spoons could use more smoothing on the handle. I wonder if I made these spoons large enough. I haven't used this Texas white clay before and don't know the shrinkage rate.

The crunchy eel roll would look better on a dark background plate I think. Although the leaves are a nice touch. The plate is made by Corelle. The soup bowl was a heavy ceramic one though. I figured I might as well make a couple of small sushi dishes to go with the small soup bowls. Sorry about the quality of the photos. My RV lighting isn't the best for taking photos of my clay greenware. The overhead cabinets in the RV are filling up with pieces drying. I'm going to have to rearrange a few things around here.

With the colder weather here our thoughts are turning to warmer climates. Last night we were looking at the Florida tour book. Gary has arthritis in one of his thumbs from an old dirt bike accident and my back has mild arthritis. Don't they say warm climates are better for arthritis?

Many years ago Gary's father had a little hole-in-the-wall bar in West Palm Beach right across from the beach and his last few years he said he wished he was living there again. Boy it would be nice to have that real estate now, wouldn't it. Gary was just a toddler when his family lived there and can only remember bits and pieces of that time. I heard somewhere Florida has a good ceramics college? Wonder where it's located; Florida is a big state. I'm off to see how my greenware is drying. It won't be long before we'll be on our way and who knows where we'll end up.


  1. Linda ,see U of Florida
    in Gainesvillle. Joan T

  2. So many possibilities in clay, just as there are in life! Best of luck once you get on the road.

  3. I love the colors in the soup.
    So yummy and inviting.
    I like how you transfer thought and sight to your clay.
    It is better then just waiting to leave.
    FLA- sounds like a nice warm start.

  4. Lucky you -before long you will have a whole set of cool dishes! Hey, just tell Gary that if anybody saw you taking a photo of your food they probably just thought you were a famous food reviewer from the NY Times!

  5. I can see why you took the food photo, it does look yummie! I wonder if you could take a little portable gas kiln around with you to fire your work by the side of the road? I was very impressed by the little raku kiln that a friend fired at our place over the weekend. Something like that would travel well, and fire small pieces very nicely. Just a thought!

  6. Hi Joan, thanks so much. Happy Holidays to you.

    Hi Jerry, thanks, ain't that the truth, decided is the hard part but at least we are lucky to have choices. Hopefully all goes smoothly once we start traveling.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I just couldn't resist taking a photo of the soup the colors are what attracted me to take the photos. Gary keeps asking me why I am making stuff and I told him the same thing, I can't just sit around and do nothing.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, yest a famous food reviewer; wouldn't that be cool to be paid to test the foods at restaurants. I would like to have a set of dishes I made that I use that's one of my goals hopefully I can accomplish that once we get settled again.

    Hi Peter, thanks, if I got anything else to carry Gary would kill me. He took my car by his place of work and it is carrying about 2000 pounds and our motorhome is pulling a trailer. My car is full of ceramics stuff and the trailer has the lawn mower, frig and my slab roller along with misc stuff too. Not sure how we got all this stuff and then the motorhome is kind of crowded with three cats and us. Once we get going it won't be too bad. I do want to get a few more bags of that black clay to take with me because I can't get that anywhere else that I know of and I really love the black color it fires to. I wish we were just moving right into another place and then could travel around after that, but I'll have to find places to fire along the way. We shall see.

  7. i used to go to a japanese restaurant once a week at my previous job and order udon every time... gotta love some hot soup in the winter

  8. I love food photos...I do the same thing. When we were in San Francisco recently, a guy at the next table was looking at me and rolling his eyes when I took photos of my food. A young girl came in and sat down behind us and she took photos of her food before she ate it, so I went over and talked to her. She said her husband was uncomfortable when she did that, and my hubby said "tell him to get over it, I did" LOL He now even takes photos of our food at home, so I am now more focused on attractive "plating". You have a double reason to take food photos...for the plates and bowls as well as the food. I am smiling at the thought of you and Gary heading off on your journey hauling all that stuff, plus tons of new ceramics, because you just can't stop yourself.

  9. Hello

    Love your bowls and spoons! Looking at them, I feel good and warm!
    And how surprising to find udong with slices of fish cake in your blog! Your sushi (maki-zushi) look GREAT and yummy! Yes, you are right. Udong refers to the type of noodles in the soup; actually in the soup in soy sauce flavor. I like udong and eat at least once a week. Thank you for sharing!
    PS I'm extremely busy so I cannot post.

  10. Hi Jim, thanks, yes hot soup is so good and this one is so colorful. I want to learn how to make more soups in my crock pot, the ones at the grocery store are so full of sodium.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I am so glad someone else takes photos of their food. Luckily Gary is laid back enough to put up with my idiocyncracies.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks so much, the fish cake is wonderful; I love seafood and it seems there is never enough. Sadly almost all fish in the fish market now is farmed and does not have the same flavor as wild caught. Hopefully we will move somewhere, where we can get fresh fish direct from the fisherman or get a boat of our own and catch our own fish. Take it easy and I will see you when you have time on your blog, don't work too hard.


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