Monday, March 15, 2010


There's something about the shape of a pyramid which I find so intriguing. I was surprised to learn pyramids have been built by many cultures and in almost every country in the world.

The other day I set out to make a building shape in clay and ended up with a pyramid. I made the upper pyramid first and it reminded me of the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco. I also remember visiting Mexico years ago and walking to the top of the Teotihuacan and being awe struck that ancient civilizations could have built something so amazing.

Of course I thought about the well known Egyptian pyramids especially when I was lucky enough to see the King Tut exhibit visiting De Young Museum years ago. I discovered the exhibit is again traveling around and is now at the De Young Museum till March 28th, which gave me a little Twilight Zone moment. If you get a chance to go to the visit when it comes to a city near you, you won't be disappointed.

During my college days I heard the term pyramid power and thought the idea was probably a myth. Whether pyramids have special powers or not, the shape is something I plan to continue making.

Off topic but I thought I'd mention, the past couple of weeks I read a few good books which I got from the RV lending library. All four books I found difficult to keep reading at the beginning but I persisted and was glad I did for all of them. I must have a little more patience than I used to have.

Pirate by Ted Bell
Moscow Rules by Robert Moss
The Constant Gardener by John De Carre
The Center of Winter by Marya Hornbacher

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  1. I remember Pyramid Power; people used to put stuff underneath little pyramids or inside a pyramid box. One made out of clay might be attractive to a lot of people, and these sure have the right look.
    Are you able to fire any of your pieces or are you carrying green ware around?
    Thanks for the book list, it's always nice to have recommendations.

  2. hey maybe these pyramids you're making will spawn a rebirth of the whole pyramid power thing. i knew a guy that used to place a small pyramid under his bed while sleeping. of course he also at a spoonful of sand every day... some silica thing that i don't remember the rationale to

  3. Funny that you mention pyramids, I was just looking at my slides from Egyptian inspired clay work made in college 30 years ago. My obsession with Egyptology landed me my first and favorite) job after graduation in the Egyptian dept. at the Metropolitan Museum. The temple of Dendur had just been installed. It was a fascinating time and place to be.

    I was wondering, is it feasible to travel with a test kiln to fire your smaller pieces?

  4. My hub and I were fortunate to live in Cairo for a year. We visited the pyramids often. Their power drew us back and back. One day I want a single tall pyramid, a bit abstract, as an accent piece, but it'll have to have power I can feel. Keep pursuing pyramids, Linda. You have the sensitivity that infuses the power.

  5. Hi Lori, thanks so much. I've been thinking more and more about pyramids since I made these and thinking I want to make more. I am carrying around greenware right now. I plan on getting some stuff fired real soon since I'm running out of room.

    Hi Jim, thanks, wouldn't it be nice if I could put a pyramid in every household? Maybe not, then I'd have to make them all and it might get boring repeating myself, but I do have some ideas for a few more.

    Hi Sue, thanks, perhaps the pyramid power is working after all; what a wonderful job you had, surrounded by all that art and culture. We pay for our electricity in the park we are in, so it would be cost prohibitative to fire in a test kiln and it might draw too much power as we are 30 amp. Real soon I will be able to fire though, more about that soon.

    Hi Kittie, thanks so much, perhaps you are right about infusing the power into the pyramids, that must be it, if you believe then it will become true. I have some more ideas for a few more pyramids I want to make. I envisioned the first one which has three upright sides and one bottom sitting on a mantle as something to focus on. The others are four sided with a bottom more like the style folks are most familiar with. How wonderful you lived in Cairo and felt drawn to the pyramids over and over again. thanks for your encouragement on the pyramids, I plan to delve deeper.

  6. Thanks, Linda, for the computer tips. Looked for View, no luck...I am teachable, just a bit more basic, oh, dear...and any help with pings would be greatly appreciated. And don't think you're explaining Down; your're Not!

  7. Pyramids are such strong structures. I recognized the top of the Transamerica bldg at first glance! The one with the wavy lines coming down reminds me of water flowing - kind of a great image for an elemental pyramid shape.

  8. Hi Kittie, thanks, I had a whole response to your email and I see that it is lost. Email me privately and I will go into further depth.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, funny the pyramid that you think looks like water flowing down was my least favorite and now that I look at it in your light, I kind of like it. Just goes to show we don't see our work as others do.


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