Friday, April 30, 2010

New Pool Surface, New Roof

Our pool is now filled after resurfacing. We are on a well and we started filling at 2 p.m yesterday and it was filled at 7 am this morning. We calculated we have approximately 15,200 gallons of water in the pool. I guess we have a really good well. Oh, and in this part of Florida, the water comes out of the ground at 72 degrees F, nice and warm. Once the pool is filled, refilling won't be necessary as long as the chemicals are kept in balance. After one month of using chlorine, we will switch to a salt filter system which is less expensive and easier to maintain.

Of course the pump doesn't work so now we have to do repairs on that. Isn't that the way it goes. But the pool does look much better than it did before. I guess we won't be redoing the deck surface surrounding the pool for quite some time. We'll fill the cracks in the surface and give it a good cleaning.

Oops, pump guy just came, the pump does work, yippee! I guess we had to turn it on to get it to work. Gary said he did, but it must have been too early in the morning. Thanks to Veteran's Pool Service and Repair for coming out so quickly and for their patience with newbie pool people like us.

Here the guys are putting on the white with blue speckled diamond brite coating. We chose the blue color. The dark color showing in the pool is the bond surface applied before the final coat of the diamond brite coating. If you live in Citrus County Florida and want your pool resurfaced, call Greg's Marcite, it's a local family run business and they did a super job.

Here's a shot of our new roof; it's a tan/beige color. We had the loquat trees up against the house taken out as they were planted too close to the home and are messy trees dropping fruit everywhere and large leaves in the gutters. I really hate to take trees out but these also went to the wood turner so he could try his handiwork on that type of wood.

The before photo of our home was taken a month ago, look at the difference in the trees that have leafed out. We're still deciding on the house color. If you notice the left front of the house is now a tan gold color, we have one more color to try more tan with less gold. The trim will be a charcoal gray. If you need your roof done we recommend Above It All Roofing. They were on time, thorough, cleaned up all the debris and did a good job. They also filled out a hurricane mitigation form which reduced our home insurance costs. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Your resurfaced pool looks great. You will really enjoy having a pool, especially this summer.

    If you are looking to replace the tree you took out, I recommend getting "cocktail tree". It is a citrus tree that they graph different citrus branches on. You can have one tree that will grow oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruit. I think your front yard would be a great place for one.

  2. you are quickly becoming a home!
    I will post notes on clay body and tiles soon!

  3. LOOK AT YOUR NEW ABODE!!! How wonderful that things are all getting ship-shape! I am envious of the pool AND the water coming out so warm -ours is literally glacial COLD. All wonderful Linda.

  4. hey looking good, love the pool is that all undercover? good to see all the reno work..hope you get your studio setup soon..

  5. It must be so exciting to thave that beautiful refreshing pool. You have done so much in such a short while. Fantastic!

  6. Hi Linda, congratulations for the swimming pool, and for the other renovations, the house looks beautiful in that calm surrounding, I wish you a very creative and happy life in it.
    Thank you so much for the nomination of the feather plates... it is so exciting! I must check Esty condition for selling abroad, and also the price of shipment to the USA. on May 25-27 I have a big selling exhibition, and after that I'll take care of sending you and Kim the plates.
    thanks again, you are dear person.

  7. Hi Paula, thanks, what a good idea to have all the fruits in one. Years ago I had a pear tree like that and I loved it. I will look for the cocktail tree.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes we are trying to do it all at once before the real hot weather comes. Looking forward to the info on the tiles.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, yes I think we lucked out with a really good well that puts out of a lot of water and it has near perfect ph and no hardness and the warmth doesn't hurt either, but there is also something to be said about glacial water being so pure.

    Hi Ang, thanks, yes the pool is under a huge screen room. These screen rooms are very common here in Florida and just about everyoen has one even if they don't have a pool. There is a lanai that runs the length of the home is covered with the roof of the house and is enclosed with large sliding glass doors. I will post about that soon, when we get the paint and a bit of furniture in there.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, we were taking bids for it seemed forever, but we wanted to do the research and get the best work for the money we could. I think it is all working out.

    Hi Varda, thanks, we are really going to enjoy this I think, we have worked so hard for so many years and now we are thinking we should have done this a long time ago, but we can only go forward not back, so here we are. Good luck with your show and I look forward to hearing about the plates via etsy. I will open an etsy account one of these days too, soon I hope.

  8. once you are settled in your new home with beautiful pool, lanai and studio - you will never want to leave home!

  9. Linda, y'all have done a fabulous job. Your house looks like a gracious home. I'm not a fan of loquat trees, know they have their place, it's just that they're so messy. And I soooo love the look w/o trees near the roof. Wow!! And the pool is magnificent. You're going to have some fab sunsets lounging around. (You really lucked out with that well. Your house was a terrific find!) Ohhhhhh, I'm sooo happy for you! Enjoy!!!

  10. The house and pool are looking great! You were right on to take out those loquats. We had two of those trees in Bakersfield and took them out when we put in the water feature. Didn't need to be cleaning up squishy fruit in the pond!

  11. The house and pool are looking great! You were right on to take out those loquats. We had two of those trees in Bakersfield and took them out when we put in the water feature. Didn't need to be cleaning up squishy fruit in the pond!

  12. Looking good folks. You really have a lovely home.
    I suppose the invitation to your pool party will arrive soon??
    Enjoy your piece of paradise.

  13. Hi Michele, thanks, I think you are right about that, especially very soon as the hot weather arrived today, low 90s. Ha.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, yes I am now thinking we lucked out, still have a bunch of work to do, but the big things are done, and we have some color on the walls that is cheery, will post about that next.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, I used to like loquats when I was a kid, but squishy fruits on the driveway or falling on the car not good.

    Hi Patti, thanks, the invitation is always open to you, remember I posted about that before and I really mean it. In another month I'll probably be ready for company, you can just email and say you are on the way and I'll fling open the doors. when I have my first open studio I will post about it here and you're welcome then too.

  14. The pool and roof both look really great! I’m sure you were really excited to get that pool refilled. I think the new roof looks better than the old one. Its lighter color really brightens up the house. It was right for you to take out the loquat trees. In the unfortunate event that a really bad storm comes, branches that come off of those trees could destroy your pretty roof. And I know it was painful to keep on cleaning your roof because of the fruits.

    ~ Mary Martin


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