Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pallets of Tile

Yesterday I made a couple of tiles layering slip over the designs. Gary said the first tile looks like it's straight out of the 60s. I might make a few more tiles and leave more open space. Sometimes I tend to get a little carried away with the slip, not knowing when to stop adding more designs and color. Ang made some white tiles which I really liked, later she added other colors and textures, and I like those too. There are so many possibilities with layered designs and textures.

Thank goodness I'm not making all the tile for our floors. I'd be making tiles till the cows come home. Four pallets of tile were delivered. We've been living with concrete floors since we moved in here. Yesterday the tile we finally decided on for the floors was delivered. Originally we were going to put laminate, but with the humid climate and sandy soil that's tracked in, we decided tile would be a better choice. Easy to take a mop and just clean it up.

Does anyone have tile in their studio? How do the grout lines hold up to the clay or glaze splatters? I hate to put in tile and then cover it up, but then again I don't want to ruin my new tile floor either.

Today is opening scallop season in Florida, twelve days earlier than normal. We're taking advantage of the crystal clear waters and going scallop diving, so stay tuned for a post about scallops up next. Sorry Gary's motel story will have to wait. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. i never had tile in the studio but i did install tile in the kitchen of a house i owned and we used epoxy grout. it is more expensive (and harder to work with) but it is very durable and doesn't stain. you don't have to seal it. you do have to stay off of it until it is completely dry and it does take longer to dry than traditional grout.
    how exciting to have new floors - that sure is a lot of tile that was delivered! are you and gary doing the work yourselves?

  2. Love the top tile. And a top (tileing) tip for protecting grout is to pait each gap with trasparent nail varnish, it worked in my kitched on a tiled worksurface. Other alternative is to tint your grout balck then it wont matter, I have seen this to great effect.

  3. you need a surface you can easily clean for your clay work.
    we potters are so messy!
    Scallops! I wish i were there !!!!!

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  5. Hi Michele, thanks, I'll ask my tile guy about the epoxy grout, too much work for Gary and I. we'd probably end up at one end of the house and it would be crooked or something.

    Hi Kitty, thanks for the tip, we are going to seal the grout, but the nail polish might be good over the top too.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah, I might have to lay down a cover or really seal the tile well. Check out the next post for eye popping and mouth watering delicacies.


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