Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clearwater Beach

We went to Clearwater Beach today. It's a little over an hour South of us. We went because we heard there were beautiful white sand beaches. There are indeed, but the beaches were filled with folks and we like the beach to ourselves.

We went to local park and I took a few photos of birds. We decided we'd come back on a weekday instead of the weekend.

Here's a thatched top birdhouse from the last firing. I put drain holes in the bottom and vents in the side and the top has a hole where a wire can be strung to hang the bird house.

When I got home I was looking at an interior design magazine and I was inspired by a modern art piece above a fireplace mantle. I made this industrial looking box. I think the glaze on the top of the birdhouse would look good on this box.

I think I could probably make a hundred of these boxes with different shapes on the sides, some over lapping, some touching, some not touching, triangles, squares, rectangles.

Some with lids, some tall, some short, some with feet, some without.

I like making feminine style pieces, like the vine covered vases and the floral motif bowls and plates I make, but I am also drawn to the more masculine or modern style of ceramics too; the geometric shapes and rough surfaces. What's a person to do if they like both, I guess for now I'll make both. Hope you had a good weekend. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. My dad was working in Tampa for a while when I was a kid and when we came down to visit we went over to Clearwater, one of my parents favorite places. There was a famous restaurant there called the Kapok Tree, wonder if it's still there?
    I'm not sure the crowds ever go away. It was sure crowded at my mom's last week....

  2. it's ok to be both! i used to call myself the schizophrenic potter because i was trying out so many different styles. experiment with everything... it's the only way to grow your style.

  3. You're in my neck of the woods...Don't you just love the beach at Clearwater? The Sand Key park is one of the most beautiful parks in the county...

    I love mint choc. chip Blue Bell...especially with this fudge sauce. It makes a great ice cream pie, too!

  4. The park looks beautiful,(great pics) but I wouldn't have been able to resist the beach! Love the bird house and I think that the glaze on the top, would look great on the box, too. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I love the beach in the off season- no people!
    Do it all!
    No reason not to float and explore.

  6. Hi Tracey, thanks, I just looked up the Kapok restaurant and apparently it closed in 1991, too bad there is a site and it looked like a great place just to walk around. In winter the beaches were nearly deserted and the place we go to in Cedar Key isn't that crowded. I do think a weekday will be better to visit some places, less crowds.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I think I am the dual personality potter too, I love both and swing back and forth, course I am a gemini so that explains some too.

    Hi Jane, thanks, Sand Key was where I took the bird photos, it was beautiful and that section wasn't as crowded. Gary hates driving in traffic and he was getting frustrated. I couldn't believe how reasonably priced the Blue Bell was, right up my alley and tastes good too. I do like hot fudge, trying to loose a few pounds though, ha I better leave out the ice cream too.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, we got to the beach in the middle of the day and it was really hot. Next time we need to get there in the very early morning, photo taking is better then and less crowds too.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, off season is much better, during the week is better too, not so much traffic. I guess I'll keep exploring.

  7. i visited clearwater as a kid. i remember the big white beaches well. my cousin and i were floating on a raft, not too far out but pretty far for us. then a big wave came up w/ 3 large fish swimming side by side inside of it and they swam right under us. of course we thought they were sharks and practically ran on top of the water to get back to shore! and who could forget the best gyro ever bought from a little shack on the docks?
    lovely birdhouse and i like hte box too :)

  8. We lived in Indian Rocks when I was a child which is quite near Clearwater. We had the Gulf in the front yard and the bay across the street behind us. Loved it.
    The Kapok restaurant was really neat. The huge tree grew up thru the dining area and there were beautiful gardens to walk thru while waiting for your dinner.Too bad it is closed.
    I am glad you two are exploring.

  9. What lovely photos of the beach. You captures a really beautiful expanse of sky and sand. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

    P.S. Found no gold but had lots of fun.

  10. Wow, your pottery is gorgeous! Have a great day!

  11. Love the bird photos. I guess it's getting harder to find beaches anywhere that aren't crowded. I really like your birdhouse. And even though I like viney/floral stuff too, The architectural square/graphic designs really reach out and grab me. I'm glad you are doing whatever you feel like with that clay!

  12. I wrote a comment on your blog yesterday but it didn’t post for some reason. I am happy you and Gary are settled in your new place and you have a nice studio to create your wonderful pieces in! Love your modern style box. I tend to be rather eclectic in my work too. Thank you for the well wishes – it was good to hear from you.

  13. Hi Kim, thanks, wow, so many folks have been to Clearwater Beach. I would have been scared those fish were sharks, but I'm learning there are so many fish in the waters near here other than sharks. What good memories you have of that area.

    Hi Mary, thanks about the photos, the day has been great. We had property once in the Sierra's with a seasonal creek that had gold in it, our neighbor did some panning from time to time.

    Hi My Owl Barn, thanks so much and thanks for visiting.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the first bird is a black headed gull which I have never seen before, that was fun. I too am drawn to architectural type pieces, I should have posted the fireplace mantel piece that inspired me, maybe next time.

    Hi Jewels, thanks, I have found blogger makes me hit post twice lately to get stuff to post saying I didn't get the word verification correct, I think it may be a bit overloaded or something. I think you hit it on the nose, eclectic is the word for sure, I like the more unusual type of ceramics not seen too often, even if some of mine are off the wall, Ha, I hope you are well enough to play in some clay, so glad to hear from you.

  14. Hi Patti, thanks, Indian Rocks, are there rocks there? we saw the sign but didn't make it that far. I am so sad that the Kapok restaurant is closed; there is a website about it and the photos look grand and I bet the gardens would have been wonderful, oh well. there is much to explore around here that is for sure.


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