Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mixed Media Projects

Forest Scarab by Linda Starr

Thunder and lightening storms have held up my firing plans so I decided to tackle a few mixed media projects on my to do list. Here's a sneak peak of works in progress. The scarab is one of an entomology series I've been working on. I've surrounded the ceramic scarab with moss and acorns to see what it would look like. I'm working on the frame so it can be hung. Little pieces of moss are everywhere.

Mermaid of the Shells by Linda Starr

My mermaid will be mounted on wood, surrounded by seashells, and hung on the wall. This is one of several trial runs with the shells I have on hand. It's not right yet; I need smaller shells in various shapes and colors. My cat Betty has taken to knocking shells off the work table and batting them around on the floor.

Tea or Coffee by Linda Starr

I made lots of tiles to test slip and decided as long as I was testing I might as well practice my drawing. I like some of the test tiles so much I decided to mount them in frames. I plan on painting the frame black for the Tea or Coffee tiles.

I just received a handmade brush from Brandon Phillips. I'm sure my slip work will be much improved using this hand crafted natural bristle brush. I can't wait to try it out. Check out Brandon's blog to read all about how he makes these brushes and here is a link to Brandon's Etsy site if you would like to purchase one. Be sure to check out his salt and wood fired pottery too, there are some beautiful pieces there. Thanks Brandon.

Back to work, I've got shells and moss to clean up. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Aahh, working with 'elements of the earth' , isn't that just great? :-)
    I like the shells surrounding the mermaid!
    There is a well known Dutch guy who makes wonderful things with shells.
    here's a link for inspiration. :-)

  2. That mermaid is just too cute!!!

  3. Hi Monique, thanks, I will check him out; I plan on little tiny shells, this is going to be painstaking.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I hope I have your patience for this project.

  4. Hi Monique, I checked out the link, he does great work. the way he has done the frames is exactly what I have in mind, I think I saw something like this done in a Victorian book or something and it came back to me. Thanks.

  5. Really liked the scarab and the different textures. Great use for moss.

  6. Hi Patti, thanks, Gary says the scarab is a little Steven King-ish, there is something about scientific specimens that attracts me and I figured with a ceramic specimen no insect needed to die.

  7. i love mermaids! some years ago i lived in a very generic apartment complex... i made a mermaid plaque to hang outside my door to liven things up a bit. she was raku fired... i think it broke during a move. you have inspired me to revisit that theme.

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, that must have been a fun plaque, raku would be cool, curious how the mermaid would have looked with the raku, did you do resist on it? would love to have seen it.

  9. I am such a bug person i love the bug-great stuff going on Linda!

  10. Hi Meredith, thanks, I have lots of examples around here too. Ha. thanks again.

  11. He plowed the fields with a buffalo, in wet soil with clay. It was planting time and rice was in the field. Mother claimed a part for her, a 'blue clay' patch she collected. Her water vessels were the choice of the village. Her husband sculpted spirits and dreams he found, or they found him. His sculptures lined the houses and guided the rain into larger vessels. The clay 'Spirits' stand in the gateway, serious and cold siege an uncertain welcome. The terracotta rooster in full cantor above the house...and she heats rocks to place in her 'blue clay' pot. Her vessels were found, thousands of years later... near her 'Venus' goddess of Mammoth Ivory."

  12. Hi Mammoth, thanks for your beautiful words and thoughts.


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