Thursday, August 19, 2010

Psychic Readings by Linda

Admittedly we're looking for the best motorhome for the least amount of money, but come on, can't you pick up your clothes and ring out the washcloth before you let us come to look. We've been madly looking for a motorhome to travel to the Clay and Blogs show in North Carolina, then up to New Hampshire to visit Gary's cousin. We have looked high and low and every one we've seen has been in pitiful shape. Gary asked one guy if the motorhome leaked, he answered very seriously, "Only when it rains".

Once we get back from our Eastern seaboard trip, we plan to use the motorhome to to to art festivals. We figured we'd have the motorhome as a place of respite where Gary and I can take turns during the shows. Since I have a bad back I can periodically take a break from the long show while Gary mans the booth and then he can do the same. We thought we found a good one and drove 2.5 hours one way to look at it today. I was glad I brought my foam mattress so I could lie down for a minute or two half way to look at the motorhome to realign my back.

The guy told us the motorhome was really clean and everything worked and gave us the address. When we got close by we drove up and down the road and couldn't find the house. Gary called him and he said it's the place that says Psychic Readings. Gary and I stared at each other with that knowing look.

We didn't want to make any judgements and had already driven all that way so we made a U turn, and went back down the road. As we pulled in we saw the sign said Psychic Readings by Linda. I started laughing hysterically saying it was either going to be a really good or really bad motorhome. A sign on their door said no photography otherwise I would have snapped a photo of the sign. We were so disgusted when we left, I forgot about taking the photo anyway. Needless to say, we're still looking.

We've come to the conclusion we sold the only two good rigs in Florida and we've been kicking ourselves ever since. We're not really sure why we sold them when we knew we planned on traveling up the Eastern seaboard this fall, somehow I don't think we were thinking clearly at the time.

The dead tree marks the spot we turned down a country lane for a pit stop. Looks a bit like the fickle finger of fate, doesn't it? Along the way I saw the really cool pedestrian tunnel. Further down the road we saw a bike rider and it looked like his dog was riding on the back. As we got closer we noticed it was a fur dangling from his hat. I think it was a real fox fur and I was pretty disgusted with that thought.

Last night the electricity went off and we had a huge storm with sheet lightening (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) that lasted literally all night long, wonder what tonight will bring? Oh well, tomorrow's another day.


  1. Sounds like you guys had quite a day! I think that maybe motor homes are scarce because of the gas that they consume and people aren't buying them like they used to. You had me going on the psychic title. lol

    ps. There's a little surprise for you over at my place!

  2. Thats a creepy looking dead tree too , looks like the finger of wrath.

  3. I wonder if they already knew -before you got there- that you were not going to buy it.
    I mean, it was not in the Stars....
    What an adventure you are having before you even leave on your adventure.

  4. Crazy story! You know one year we rented an RV for a vacation. It wasn't as comfortable as one you would outfit yourself - but it was certainly a less expensive alternative. (We were living in FL at the time & couldn't find an RV to buy either -- what's up with that?)

  5. What an adventure! The psychic reader is straight out of a creepy southern movie. Perhaps you'd have better luck if you went to a dealership and looked at one of the trade-ins. Linda, I think you're going to have to have really good luck to get a good MH/deal otherwise. Don't give up but please be cautious....some real screwballs live down some of those back roads.

    I fell in love with that grill, too. Gary could probably make you a grill like everyone in Greece seems to have (I took the photo with the intent of possibilities for when we move to NC)...

    Hub's from NH. He wants to take a drive up to see the leaves this fall. Not that we haven't seen leaves before...nostalgic for a touch of home, I think.

  6. humpf!!! I'm still wondering why I sold mine...I wish I had it today. There was no need to sell it, but I did and now I miss it so much. I've looked at some on Craig's list...uugh...! Creepy and dirty.

  7. Linda,
    We have had a couple of small motorhomes including our current BT Cruiser. I think the problem with finding a good used one is that it's hard to find a good new one.The motor part is usually ok but the Home part doesn't have a code or an inspection.Lots of undersized wood and a few staples under that shiny facade.Shoddy construction becomes a shabby motorhome in a hurry if you don't keep after it. Good Luck. My wife gets a lot of good discussion and networking on the Women in RV's forum. Someone there my have some leads.

  8. You would think with the recession and gas prices that they would be everywhere.
    Like Kitty, think I would go the dealer route for one. At least there you have recourse if there is a problem.
    Good luck.

  9. Gary said this morning, perhaps the animal headress was a Native American symbol, I hope so, if it is that then I inadvertently misread the biker. More later.

  10. re: the headdress: here in Minnesota they went through a phase, several years ago, where these were very popular for ice fishing and such. These were not NA, but good old boys who didn't get it. A holdover, who thinks it's cool more than likely. Anyhoo, "the fickle finger of fate," yes, you could call it that... :) It sounds like an adventure anyway. Hope you find the perfect MH soon.

  11. Hi Linda...well, you had an interesting excursion!! Good luck with the search..amazing what one sees on our travels if we only look. So great that you are close enough to take in the great shows that are coming up in your areas.
    Cheers. T.

  12. Hi Marguerite, thanks, glad I had you going there, te he, I'll stop over to your blog. I think the motorhomes are scarce in this state because folks are living in them due to the economy instead of houses, so it's the law of supply and demand, demand is high here also for folks on vacations. We also checked the nearby states and there aren't many there either.

    Hi Pru, thanks, the tree didn't look that creepy till I cropped it a bit and posted the photo in person is looked cool because I thought lots of birds could nest in the holes. Strange happenings for sure.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, good point, perhaps they knew; they didn't act disappointed when we said no thanks. Never a dull moment around there that's for sure.

    Hi Judy, thanks, yes Florida has a lack of motorhomes, we heard folks from other countries come here to vacation and buy them and drive around for months and then sell them back to the RV dealers. We checked into renting but since we will take a long trip the cost seemed like a waste of money. We figure we can buy one drive it up and back and then re-sell if we need to again.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, unfortunately the dealers are asking way over book for RVs since there is a lack of them and if we buy too high we won't be able to recoup our money if we need to sell it, which we might.

    You have given me an idea about that grill, wonder if anyone has built a grill and fired pottery in it too. Don't get me started.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, yeah we are wondering why on ours for so many reasons.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, yes most folks don't keep after them or don't know how, I'll check the forums too, good idea.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I think the recession has done just the opposite to the motorhomes and trailers available as folks are living in them and relatives have their relatives staying at their homes in them too and then there are the tourists here too from all over the world.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, you are probably right about the holdover, Gary has three more to look at tomorrow, I'll stay home this time; keep your fingers crossed.

    Hi Trish, thanks, yes the motorhome is necessary for our travels to reduce motel and food expenses and a good mattress for our bad backs.

  13. Oh Linda, sorry to hear about your wild goose chases for RVs. Been there, done that. It amazes me the kind of crap people will put up for sale, and advertise it as "great condition" and not even clean it up! Keeping good thoughts that you will find just the right one soon. If my psychic powers are in tune, it's just around the corner! I'm so far behind in reading your blog, got to go catch up.


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