Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slip Plate Results

The garden bench plate is speckled stoneware with a clear shiny glaze over the top. Both this and the butterfly plate came out fine. I read on another blog where they used cannned goods to hold up plates to photograph them. It works really well.

Unfortunately I tried a Duncan clear glaze over these and that glaze is discontinued, so I'll have to do more experiments with a shiny glaze. I do like the slip work on the speckled surface, so I'll be working with this clay some more. This is the same clay I used for the scallop shell bowl and it does nice things to glaze.

The textured fun platter above is made with terra cotta clay and has a matt glaze and it is cloudy. Yet the three slipped plates pictured further along aren't cloudy. Some of the slip colors burn out with the matt glaze, they seem to react with the clay and glaze. With the dragonfly platter I used the shiny clear glaze and the slip colors stayed true.

This plate had an air bubble come to the surface, I've never had one of those, interesting to see, glad it didn't explode, just an half inch long top surface crack which doesn't go through to the bottom.

Luckily I saved one terra cotta plate out of the firing so I can try a different glaze on that one. I am having some of the same issues with warping on plates that I did with my cone 10 plates. The thinner plates without rims seem to warp more. Although the fun textured platter rim warped. The fern trays are flat and thicker and there was no warping. Also my cheese trays (not shown) did not warp. Those were also thicker.

My fern trays were not cloudy; they were fired in two different loads. Position in the kiln didn't seem to matter to results. I used porcelain sand under all the plates, platters, and trays. For this firing cone packs for all three shelves were almost exactly the same. The middle of the kiln fired slightly hotter than the top and bottom, but just barely. I alternated shelves side to side with space in the middle. Comments and suggestion are welcome.


  1. Looks like you are having FUN! I really like the Garden Bench plate and those Fern platters!! Very pretty. Did you find a good recipe for the black slip?

  2. Linda..good firing..I like the bench plate and fern platters too. :).. and, yes, I think it does help to have thicker rims on plates etc. which helps prevent warping.. good job! T

  3. Yes, gorgeous! Love the ferns! And adore the Greek-like rolling circle...!!

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  5. Hi Cindy, thanks, glad you like them. I'm using the same black slip I've always made; I think the matt glaze over the top makes it look creamy the way it does; Tracey was looking for a black slip recipe, I gave her mind in the comments of her post and listed how to make it. Basically I slake dry white clay (of the cone I am using), strain well, add mason stain 6600, mix well again, strain, and use, save in a baby food jar. I think the whiter clays with mason stains give a crisper color to the slip.

    Hi Trish, thanks so much. I want to improve my plates to get better results or maybe I'll just handbuild my plates like my platters instead of using my slump or hump molds, then I might have better success. Hum, you have given me an idea.

    Hi Acacia, thanks ever so much for your encouragement and support.

    Hi Kittie, thanks so much, the plates are an experiment in overlapped design. That is a bit of greek shape isn't it.

  6. It took me so long to learn to stop making hand built plates thin. They just warp! I love the top two plates, you should do a whole garden series like that.

  7. those plates are really nice and love the fern platters!

  8. I love the turn out of your work. My favorite is the butterfly platter and the fern platters. So wonderful.

  9. Love the fern platters - lots of luck getting things ironed out. The header photo on my blog is Lake Fontana - not a river which it looks like.

  10. Hi Tracey, thanks for that about the plates; I value your input. I guess I thought cone 6 would be different than cone 10 and it really isn't that different. I rolled the clay in several different directions and was very careful, but too thin. and of course each of these clays shrinks at a different rate. using four different clays and this was only the first firing of those experiments from those clays. Now that I have feedback from the firing I will do much better with pieces for the future.

    Those first two are of a speckled clay which is really nice. I like it because it isn't the white of porcelain or some stonewares so often seen, its earthy and yet a bit elegant too. I will definitely be using it for more work.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I'd like to do more of those ferns in a series of plates and bowls and some with different colored slips, blue and green, I do like the earthy look of the terra cotta clay. I see why folks like earthenware so much and that's probably why it appeals to me too.

    Hi Renee, thanks so much. I have been working for months on this work and finally got it all fired these past two weeks and am so happy I got some good results.

  11. Hi WNC mtn living, thanks, a blue green lake how wonderful, can't wait to visit NC soon. Those ferns were native ones from here in Florida, so different than those on the West Coast. I only pick a few and leave the plant enough leaves to regenerate itself, but I can't resist using native leaves in my work.

  12. I do love that butterfly platter. You just seem to get better with each post. It is so neat how you incorperate nature into your work.

  13. Hi Patti, thanks so much, I now have a couple of directions to go in; I'm liking that. I haven't gotten out there much this summer, it is so hot. I need to make a new resolution to get out in the morning every day to see what I can see. I saw one of the turtles outside the window yesterday. Thanks again.

  14. These look wonderful Linda -- I love the bench plate! You must be happy with this firing!

  15. Hi Judy, thanks, yes, I have had three good firings and I am really happy. I finally about to think about reproducing some of my results and making more than one of something. It really helps to have control over the whole process especially the firing again. And of course it helps to have an automatic controller. Even Gary said it was worth it to purchase this kiln. He comes out to the garage with me to look at what I call "the unveiling". Ha. and in the morning if I stay up late, he asks, "any new creations?" ha ha.

  16. Very nice that butterfly blatter, I like very much your work.
    Pleace looking Teuvon images fotoblog
    and your comments pleace.

    Thank you

    Teuvo Vehkalahti


  17. Good to see your firings turn out well! However we never cease to learn do we?
    Clay and fire will always be an adventure, maybe that's why we like it so much?
    Love the fern plates, 'nature on nature' always does it for me. :-)

  18. Hi Teuvo, thanks so much for your kind words and thanks for visiting. My husband is Finnish and his family is from Toholampi and other places in Finland. Nice to meet you. His family name is Kankaala and Kaukolander. Perhaps you know these names or locations.

    Hi Monique, thanks, yes it is an adventure and I am so enjoying it and so glad I have gotten some good results recently.


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