Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slow Cool

Pinched Edge Vase by Linda Starr

Slow cooling is well worth the trouble. With the cool down it took 18 hours to fire, then all day today to completely cool down so I could open the kiln just a bit ago. I used the second program from my last post but modified it slightly. Here's a few of the results.

Various Ovals Vase by Linda Starr

I'll be scarce the next few days since I'm almost out of Internet minutes till after the 3rd. Also residuals effects of hurricanes may be headed our way so I have to quickly do two more bisque and glaze loads.

Metallic Jutting Vase by Linda Starr

Only a couple of slight mishaps. A crackle glaze shivered off the top of a cone 10 vase because that glaze didn't fit the clay body but other cone 10 vases did just fine.

Industrial Parts Box by Linda Starr

The nichrome handles drooped again. I thought I had allowed room but the bead is glazed to the top of a tall lidded box. I will get a torch tomorrow and try and melt the glaze at that point to separate them.

Fossil Shell Pinch Bowl by Linda Starr

Drooping Oval Ring Vase by Linda Starr

Oval Ring Vase by Linda Starr

My photos don't do these justice but I wanted to get them up for you to see. The 'Various Circles Vase' background glaze looks like reduction. The 'Fossil Shell Pinch Bowl' has a wonderful matt lavender glaze inside. The last vase shown above has some nice crackle.

Thanks to all who gave advice and support. More later. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. What a HAPPY Kiln opening!!! Congratulations on ALL of the successes ;o)

  2. wow, you're going to do two MORE bisque and glaze loads? you've been working hard!

  3. Sure hope you don't lose power with all the storming.
    I loved that Drooping Oval Ring Vase.

  4. These look great, Linda!!

  5. nice results! my faves are the jutting vase and the first drooping oval.

  6. I love the quietness of the pinch bowl with fossels- so soft and green and just waiting to be held.
    Good luck with the other firings.

  7. Linda, you are absolutely amazing. This is magnificent work, your best ever. Girl, you've reached an even higher interpretative level, wow! I adore the pinched green and the drooping oval.

    Good luck with Earl/Fiona. We're in the prep stage north of you.

  8. Linda, you are absolutely amazing. This is magnificent work, your best ever. Girl, you've reached an even higher interpretative level, wow! I adore the pinched green and the drooping oval.

    Good luck with Earl/Fiona. We're in the prep stage north of you.

  9. Hi Cindy, thanks, I am so happy, I guess it pays to do some research before firing.

    Hi Cindy, thanks every so much.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, well I have some big pieces and some platters and plates and they take up a lot of room.

    Hi Patti, thanks some of these look much better with glaze than they did as greenware that's for sure especially that one.

    Hi Judy, thanks, I am so happy I got some good results and thanks for your advice.

    Hi Michele, thanks, several of the matt ones look much better in person than in the photos I took last night, thanks for your support and advice.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, there is something wonderful about pinch bowls, I am getting better at making them more symmetrical and thinner. Thanks for your help.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, I am glad these all turned out well, no drips on the shelves. I am now looking forward to making so many more. good luck with your preparations, we are pretty much ready even thought we are inland quite a bit.

  10. HI Linda..yeah! on the slow cool..your pieces are lovely. I like the top vase..
    After telling you about my firing schedule the other day, this last firing was NOT good.. would you please send me an email on the second firing schedule you talked about in your last post. Do you always plug the top peep hole? I thought that always stayed open.
    anyways..good goin'..Cheers. T.

  11. What else can i say, it's al been said already. :-)
    These look absolutely fantastic!
    My fav. are the top vase end the first oval vase.... sooo nice!!
    Must feel good to have figured out how to fire them and have these results!

  12. Beautiful work. How prolific a potter are you!
    Good luck with the storms.

  13. Hi Trish, thanks so much. I am at the library till tomorrow and the modified program is at home I will send it tomorrow. The top peep is open till the firing is complete then I put it in since I have a fan blowing on the controller I don't want cool air blowing into the peep hole.

    Hi Monique, thanks, I like those two. The second vase is really nice looking in person, but is so matt and subtle it doens't look that great in a photo, I may try another photo to see if I can get it to look better.

    Hi Lori, thanks ever so much, I have another bisque cooling down right now. More to come.

  14. Wow, everything is beautiful! The Drooping Oval Ring vase is my fave!

  15. Your vases are all amazingly beautiful! My favorites are ①Various Ovals Vase and ②Drooping Oval Ring Vase. The various types of ovals on the surface of ① look like nabulae in the universe!!

  16. Hi Marguerite, thanks, you know that vase was my least favorite when it was in the green state. I kept looking at and thinking this is silly looking and thinking why did I put that ring on this vase, but the way the glaze droops down on the sprig is better than I could have expected. I'll have to try more unusual sprig attachments in the future; I may have a whole new direction.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, you know I told Gary the name of the various ovals vase and he said that is a silly name, I may change it to nabulea with your permission. The background glaze is a cone 6 tenmoku and the ovals have a blue crackle with a crystal on top which didn't crystalize, but still looks fine. Thanks so much.


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