Saturday, September 18, 2010

Strange Brew

Guess what? I got a burn barrel today, some wood, straw, and kindling. You know what that means? A barrel firing coming up real soon. Yippee! I already have the other supplies I need. I'm getting everything ready this afternoon. Might fire later tonight or in the morning. I'm going to risk a couple of bag or purse pieces I've already bisqued. I've also got a few pinch bowls to put in.

Gary said I don't have to like everything you make, do I? The bowl above morphed into what looks like an underwater creature with a tail. Shaped like a ray, but not quite. I added the handle which looks like a curled up tail. It's about 12 by 4 inches. Not everything in life is understandable - the same is true about some of my ceramic pieces.

I made a woven tray having been inspired by one I just unpacked which I made several years ago. Wish I had made the handles a little larger. Too late now.

The title of this post came to me while I was brewing coffee. Then I thought, there's a song by this name, where have I heard it. Ah, now I remember, The Cream, with Robert Plant, Ginger Baker, and extraordinary guitarist, Eric Clapton. What a great band. After Gary's comment, some how the words seem appropriate.

By now you probably know I never give up. I made another piece with lots of sprigs even though one of my sprigs fell off a previous piece during a bisque and again during the glaze firing. This vase has little stars randomly placed around it. I put some porcelain slip on them to keep them from drying out too quickly. Hope they stay put.

After I photographed the vase, I thought about placing just a group of the stars in one spot, too late now. These three pieces are, what they are. I'm off to get ready for that barrel firing, can't wait. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. barrel firing!!!!!!! take LOTS of pictures.

  2. How fun listening to Strange Brew. Thanks for sharing! Have fun with your barrel firing!

  3. Love that song. Good luck with the barrel firing. I've been thinking that I should barrel fire a barn sometime......

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, Gary is actually helping me get ready for the barrel firing. Why are men such pyromaniacs?

    Hi Patricia, thanks, strange brew, girl what's inside of you. I love it.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, we need to get together and do a barrel firing, they are so much fun, I just know your barns would be wonderful barrel fired. I got some hardware cloth today and will build a small saggar for my bag pieces thinking that might protect them from the weight of the wood, we shall see.

  5. oooohhh!! exciting times ahead!..wish I was with you too to do the barrel firing, Linda. :)...I am collecting coffee grounds for (whenever) I do another one..:)...looking forward to the pictures..
    Have a bisque firing ready to go in the morning here in chilly Fall Alberta.. vase..
    Cheers, Trish

  6. Hi Trish, thanks, I wish you were here too, firing them together is so much fun. This firing is spur of the moment otherwise I would invite some local potters over but I have so much to do getting ready to leave, I am not sure why I am even doing a barrel firing right now. Gary said to me, "you get it in your head and you have to do it right now" - I guess I'm just like a little kid is some ways. oh well.


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