Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sea Series

My intention is to have several groups of pottery, each from a different series, shown together in my art fair booth. I grouped this sea series together so you can see them as a whole. The first six are from this firing and the remainder are from previous firings. I've been working on a few pieces from each series for each kiln load of pots I've been firing.

I have a large mixed media wall hanging for this sea series which I still need to put together and some ornaments I need to string. So the series is coming together slowly.

This platter has subtle colors of matt and pale cream with shell impressions but it was difficult for me to photograph to pick up those subtleties.

I think some little black shells down the front of this one would have tied the matt coral and black colors together better, next time.

This vase has a couple of spots where I didn't get coverage on the glaze, do you think it's worth re firing it? The shell impressions remind me of broken shells tossed about in the sea.

This sea creature bowl was glazed with crackle glaze and it has bubbled and shivered off. I have several test tiles where it did fine in the same load, but they weren't as textured and they were lying flat on the kiln shelf. I am not sure why it works on some pieces and not on others. Perhaps the glaze needs a hotter firing and those flat on the shelf do better? This bowl would have been nice with the lavender or matt blue glaze, too bad I didn't choose those glazes. Oh well, next time. Not sure I can ever recreate this shape again though.

In the previous post were pieces from various series; I think the pieces are better grouped together when viewed. Loading another bisque today, then getting the lumber to build a system to hang work for my art fair booth. Coming up I'll have a post about some of my test tiles and a post about cake plates too, so stay tuned. We got some much needed rain yesterday, boy was that refreshing.


  1. You've been busy Linda. Love the top two vases, very nice and I like the glazes you used. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Yolanda, thanks, the top two I'm trying to glaze according to the texture, first time I've done that and I like it. I have a couple more in the bisque today, so more will be coming along. Stuff is taking longer to dry.

  3. I like to top two 'wrap' vases Linda. very pretty! And funny you are talking about series; I've been thinking about that as well these days. I have a tendency to just do whatever. I do like the idea of focusing a theme on a series of pieces! Great idea!

  4. Beautiful series! All are gorgeous but the seashell basket is my fave! You are so talented!

  5. Hi Linda, thanks, these wrapped vases have a lot of texture and have a nice feel in the hand. I wish my sea creature bowl had turned out, oh well.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, the colors and the basket are subtle and it looks nice standing alone.

  6. LINDA! you are on to something with the Sea series!! I LOVE the top two pieces -especially when you used the shell sprigs!

  7. The Sea Series is wonderful. I really like the shell vase & you've achieved such great (sea-like) colors with your glazing.

  8. Hi Judy, thanks, I am still trying to find a blue that is blue green that isn't a crackle and isn't dark blue. I have a clear and will try some mason stains I guess.

  9. Working in a series works for me, too. It's the only way I can keep from being all over the place. Gives me some structure for the development of pieces. I really like where you're going with the Sea Series, Linda!


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