Thursday, December 9, 2010

All Snug In Their Beds

I had fun with this new form today and it's led me to quite a few more ideas. I'll show those in a few days. We rearranged all the rooms in our house and moved my studio to a larger room. I'm loving it.

My cats are all snug in their beds trying to stay warm. Their bed is at the foot of our bed. I cover my little one up with an afghan because she's a bit of a thing and is getting on in years. My other two cats have thick fur and some fat on them, but she]s very thin, always has been.

The green fluorescent string you see is her favorite toy. It used to be in Gary's hooded sweatshirt. She just loves it and carries it everywhere. If we can't find it, we look near the food bowl and usually find it lying there. What a personality she has. Please stay warm and remember to keep your pets or farm animals warm during the cold weather.


  1. What a nice warm place for your aging kitty. Love seeing that. I always feel badly for my neighbors dogs that never get to come inside and one is actually made to ride in the back of a pick up truck in freezing weather. What are they thinking?
    Stay warm in sunny??Florida.

  2. Gosh Linda it is cold i have layers on my layers!

  3. awww...what a sweet kitty! Have a great (warm) day!

  4. Stay warm! Florida can be really cold when those arctic breezes blow . . .

  5. your kitty looks warm and happy! it's so cold here in seagrove that we had pipes freeze in the bathroom... luckily it didn't take much to thaw them out.

    congrats on moving into a larger room for your studio! more space is always better :-)

  6. Brrrrrr. I guess that there really is no escape from winter.

  7. Wow, is it cold there? Living in Wyoming we also hear on the news to have people bring in the animals. You must have lived in a cold area before. I'm going to catch up on your blog now. I've been a bit out of it.

  8. Your kitty is sooo sweet looking, warm and content. Young kittens are fun. An older cat has a certain presence that warms the soul.

    It's beyond me how some people leave their animals out in the cold. There's no excuse for this cruelty! Bravo for speaking out, Linda!

  9. Hi Patti, thanks, I hate to see or hear animals suffering, I always have to do something abou it.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I'm wearing thermals to stay warm.

    Hi Turqouisemoon, thanks, trying to stay warm, I know it's not as cold here, but I am feeling it this year.

    Hi Judy, thanks, yeah it has been breezy here and the wind is coming straight from Canada I think.

    Hi Craig, thanks, yeah we have to have something to complain about I guess, too hot, too cold.

    Hi Connie, thanks, yes we have a cold snap here. I've lived in several places that were cold before, but didn't realize it would be cold here too, well it's really not as cold here as other places, just seems like it.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, yes I just heard a dog barking and barking, thankfully he stopped, otherwise I was going to have to get in my car and drive over there to see if he was kept outside. I think some people just don't "think" about animals having feelings too.

  10. What a sweet kitty! She looks like a great snuggler...makes my toes warm just looking at her picture.


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