Sunday, December 19, 2010

Smile Award

One of my blogging friends Kittie, from The Block, gave me a smile award and it was so good to receive it, especially this time of year. I've also been craving color due to all the cold lately and then I received the smile award which really hit the spot. Thanks Kittie.

I'm supposed to pass along the award and I'll have to honestly say I'd give it back to Kittie because her blog makes me smile quite a lot. She's a really good writer and her stories about Louisiana really come alive through her words.

Another blog I enjoy reading is The New Sixty, by Arkansas Patti. Patti has a way of telling stories about her adventures in life which are a joy to read. There are lots of funny stories along with some old fashioned values thrown in too.

Then there's Meredith's blog about pottery and everyday life adventures between the overflowing washer, the turkeys on the roof, and a few mice thrown in too, reading there puts a smile on my face too.

Actually all the blogs I visit make me smile, but this post would be way too long, so these three stand out this week. I'll be busy firing and glazing the next couple of weeks getting ready for the show at the Stirling Gallery in Dunedin Florida. I'll post a flyer about that soon. Also working on getting my etsy store up and running so I may be a little scarce.

Thanks for all the blogs out there, for the smiles, and Happy Holidays to everyone.


  1. The smile award... makes one smile!


  2. Congrats big time Linda on your award. Well deserved for sure.
    Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me to pass it on. I am really flattered. Can't think of one funny thing to say.
    I'll check out the other two sites.
    I am so sorry you were rained out. Such a bummer.

  3. You always make me smile so thanks!
    I don't know how I missed your blog today- all that color must have blinded me!


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