Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Benefactor Wanted

The two bamboo photos are from my visit to the North Carolina zoo when we visited there. I love bamboo, which is actually a very tall grass. I want to use these in my work. There's something meditative about seeing a grove of bamboo. Strong lines, but soft color.

I've been doing research about other online stores in addition to Etsy, no sense having all my eggs in one basket. Also looking into gallery and shop locations to show and sell my work.

I've been thinking about marketing; I read somewhere these ten words sell the most: you, money, healthy, guarantee, easy, free, yes, quickly, benefit, and 'insert your name here'. Apparently many people like to see their name in print. I have many ideas about how to use these words.

I had someone email me to ask permission to use one of my photographs on an invitation. Thanks for asking permission. Ask and you shall receive.

Benefactor Wanted: Anyone wishing to be my benefactor, please contact me. If you have money to give to me for free to pursue my art, Yes, I guarantee it's easy to do, and you and I both, will quickly benefit and will have a more healthy feeling stemming from your generosity. A big thanks to 'insert your name here' for your generous gift.

If you wish to remain anonymous I can honor that too. I can place your name on a piece of paper and put it in my kiln and fire it and your name will be gone like the wind. Unfortunately, I cannot accept checks over the amount you wish to give and send the overage back to you.

If you are indeed a legitimate, lawful, genuine benefactor, please consider this request as a legitimate, lawful, genuine one, all kidding aside. Immediately, there are a couple of workshops, a conference, and glaze training sessions I would like to go to and even funds for fuel would be welcome. Both short and long term, I have many projects waiting in the wings.

I have so many dreams and ideas. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Linda, what a great idea....Just Ask! Thanks for the chuckle this a.m. But, don't forget, you can make your dreams come true without loads o' cash (though I wouldn't send it back should it come your way)

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks, I won't be sending it back, only those scams that ask for part of it back and then you find out their check was no good in the first place. Apparently there are lot of those out there now with the economy the way it is.

    You never know it's a big world out there someone just might want to help.

  3. I can forward you one for 12.5 million dollars- want it?
    Love the photo's of the bamboo.
    I love to look at it.
    Mark would love to plant it.

  4. Worry Free for a Modest Fee. Just jot down your worries on a 3x5 card and send them on to me with a check for $25. I will do your worrying for you and you can live that care free life you have always dreamed of! Now that's a bargain but for $500 I'll let you open your own franchise.

    I can offer you a free franchise, a $500 value.

  5. Hi Meredith, thanks, please can I pick up the money in cash or gold? I had bamboo at my last place green and gold striped, perhaps that's the only gold I need.

    Hi Dennis, I've read that on your blog, very cute, about all I have is a 3 x 5 card, but not $25 dollars, power ball was 90 million, but gotta play to win I guess.

  6. It's brilliant, that you've recognized the power of asking and have asked. I needed the reminder this morning. Thank You.

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks, you are right, it's a simple yet powerful concept, but not so simple some of the time. Sometimes not so easy to do, at least for me, asking isn't always easy and asking in the right way. I have to remind myself sometimes what is the worst that will happen, nothing, what is the best that will happen, something.

  8. Good luck finding a benefactor! No, seriously these things do happen - I remember reading about a potter out of CA in one of the clay magazines who found a benefactor early in his career. :D But, really, verbalizing is the best way to make things happen, get the ball rolling so to speak.

  9. Hi Cynthia, thanks, you know that is so true, one never knows, who might want to help out. Reminds me of that guy who sold a paper clip on ebay and then sold something else and then another and eventually bought his first house all from a paper clip sale, the power of positive, things do happen all the time.

  10. jeff has been talking about the benefactor thing for years... let's hope it happens for all of us!

  11. Hey, if you get that benefactor, tell them they can have two for the price of one... and I'll throw in free shipping.

  12. Gee, hope you find one. If you do and they have a unencumbered old dude friend, let them know I could use a sugar daddy, oops I meant benefactor:))

  13. There is a website that allows you to find almost as much money as you could ask for. Check out kickstarter.com. You set up a page asking people to fund your project...and then they give it to you! Haven't set one up myself yet, but I am planning to in the near future.

  14. You could always get a Donate button from Paypal and place it on your sidebar. I know several bloggers who have done this, but am not sure what kind of results they've had. Also, you could monetize your blog, with Google and Amazon ads, by going to the Monetize tab in your Blogger dashboard. Good luck!

  15. Hi Michele, thanks, yeah I have been thinking along those lines for much of my life, but never verbalized it in print before.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, a benefactor could get hundreds worth of work from me for the meager price of the one I'd be happy to get.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah if only I could find a lost dutchman mine or something it would sure go a long way to ease my mind and free it to create.

    Hi Rob, thanks, I am checking into that website very seriously. Just need to write up my proposal, thanks ever so much.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, I thought about the donate button, but never wanted to monetize my blog as it seemed to be an unintentional clog to what I perceive my writing and art to be here. I might have to think along some of those lines though.

  16. pretty funny linda, i want a benefactor too.

  17. Hi Jim, thanks, I am serious, if I was rich I'd would be an art benefactor, so maybe someone who has more money than they know what to do with wants to be my benefactor. I have and do give lots of things away and have even given money to people needing it in the past, so I figured someone might want to help me in my artistic pursuits, stranger things have happened. I hope and dream and ask and I might just get what I need or want, doesn't hurt to try.


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