Monday, January 3, 2011

Late Nite Kiln Opening

Finally unloaded the kiln late last night and just had to show you some of the results. I decided not to glaze the outside of the empty purse (about 8 x 12 inches), but leave it natural clay. I thought about doing some mixed media with it by attaching some organic element in layers on the outside like pine cone scales, or maybe shells, but maybe I'll leave it plain. I'll have to think about it.

For this sculpture, (about 13 x 13 inches), I stretched and pressed out the clay in three sections from the back. It's reminiscent of a pregnant female form and the smooth green sections contrast with the speckled gold textured portions, soft and rough. I photographed it on a plate holder, but it'll hang on a wall, not sure how I'll achieve that yet.

I seem to be drawn to making contrast with either glazes or texture right now. I wouldn't mind making a another form like this but in a closed shape. I'm working on a tool to aid me in pressing the clay out after I make the form. More about that later.

Here's a large platter(about 12 x 12 inches) with some of the same type of contrast. I embedded a different speckled clay for the river and added the two pools of red. I had a terrible time photographing this large platter due to the shine. You'll just have to take my word for it that it looks totally different and much better in person. The background glaze is the same as the inside of the purse above.

I made this large bowl (about 5 x 12 inches) eons ago and the rim had a small crack. I patched the crack and bisque fired it and it looked OK. But it's definitely still cracked. I never have any luck fixing cracks.

Since I had room I decided to fire it to see how the colors turned out. Some of the colors burned out by reacting to the clear glaze in the kiln. I usually have a photo of the pieces I make in the bisque state, but I don't have one for this one. I know the coral and yellow burned out. This shiny glaze is melting so well too. Darn. I'm not sure I like the shiny look though. Why oh why do these clear glazes have to be so difficult to deal with.

Perhaps you remember I made a couple of Halloween pieces months ago. I never glaze fired them till now. Here's the cat bowl (about 1 x 10 inches) with a cut out for a spoon to rest. Now I'm ready well in advance for next Halloween. Ha!

Every kiln load needs at least one blooper and here it is, a red pinch bowl (about 3 x 6 inches). The kanthal wire had already drooped slightly in the bisque firing and I finally got around to firing it and it really drooped this time right into the bowl. I need a heavier gauge wire and a lighter bead for the handle. Till next time, I'm off to get some shut eye before the sun comes up.
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  1. Really like that contrast on the purse.
    Also those scardy cats are really cute.

  2. what a diverse load of pots... too bad about the handle on the last one... I'm with you on the crack-fixing. Just doesn't work for me and totally not worth the time. The large platter looks like a win!

  3. Great colors and textures. Happy New Year!

  4. Look at all of your successes! Way to start off a New Year :o)

  5. I'm a potter from West TN. I have been following your blog for over a year and have just created a blog of my own. Your forms and textures are inspiring.

  6. Happy New Year!
    They are really nice! I like the first, second, and third ones very much! The colors and textures of them are fantastic!!

  7. Hi Patti, thanks so much, hope you are doing well and those tornadoes weren't near you.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, I am getting all my previous work out of the cabinets and fired, sort of a new year clean up if you will. Ready to start over for the new year.

    Hi Michele, thanks got to get all those previous project done; I'm on a mission.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I'm trying to be more organized in the new year.

    Hi Judith, thanks and welcome, so glad you made a comment; I'll stop on over at your blog, welcome to blogging, it sure is fun I just know you'll enjoy it.

    Hi Helen, thanks so much, each was from a different aspect of my ongoing work, thus the variety.

  8. Hi Sapphire, thanks so much, Happy New Year to you.

    Oh Judith, thanks for your faithful readership; comment away; I can't wait to see your work.

  9. Fantastic colors and textures! Love them all, especially the purse. Great job! Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Marguerite, thanks so much, the purse is definitely unique, not sure where these ideas come from, out of my crazy head I guess. I might take a few photos of the purse with some props, like a floating flower or maybe some dollar bills piled in there or perhaps a pile of pennies. Happy New year to you too.


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