Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awesome Blog Award

I received the Awesome Blog Award from two different blogging friends, Joan and Pam, on the same day. Thanks Joan and Pam. Now that's awesome! I won't pass on the award just now, perhaps at a later date. There are so many awesome blogs out there, it's a wonderful world of discovery. If you don't have a blog why not start one, it's fun. If you're reading here, why not make a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm having a hard time thinking of seven things folks don't already know about me because recently I had to list seven things for a different blog award, but here's a few tidbits.

- I'm not a religious person but I am a spiritual person
- I am constantly curious and I like learning new things
- often when I hear a raven or crow, I crow back to them
- when I see a lizard I imitate the sound they make
- I brake for birds and animals in the air or in the road
- it pains me to see big old trees cut down in the name of so called progress
- today I saw a juvenile bald eagle fly across our back yard and while he was flying, I saw his head turning right and left and it amazed me
- yesterday was a special day to me, I saw the first butterfly this year, it was bright yellow, the brightest one I think I've ever seen. But the butterfly was flying much too quickly and erratically for me to get a photo. Later I saw a skink, yes a skink, not a skunk, slithering on the sidewalk and into the grass, but he slithered so quickly I was unable to capture his photo either. I thought about how the season is changing and all the creatures are awakening from their winter slumber. I felt a bit like them, the warmer weather, not too hot, not too cold, has given me renewed energy.

I mailed two packages to California yesterday and the shipping was much more than I expected. Perhaps my boxes were too big or I had too much packing material in them, then I insured them, which wasn't much. One was in a clay box which is a heavier cardboard. That one contained a sculpture and two goblets so I had to pack it well, the other was in a flatter box, not too heavy of a cardboard, still they were both about $22 each, plus insurance. Maybe shipping from Florida is more than other locations.

I'm using up the last of my clay and made the wall pocket above. I hope the bird doesn't fall off. In my painting class we learned the eye is drawn first to the colors of yellow, then red, then blue, the primary colors. I also think one color affects the look of another; I have a purple background behind the wall pocket and it makes the clay have a greenish tinge in the photo. I've been painting away; I've already learned I have so much to learn, more later.


  1. we have skinks here in NC too... i haven't seen one yet this year. the warm weather will probably have to get a little more consistent for them to wake up.
    as for shipping...seems like as soon as you cross the mississippi the rates really jump. did you use USPS or UPS? i have found USPS to be cheaper these days.

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, I used the post office, but the boxes were heavy and pottery isn't light weight either. I think the trick is to get a box just big enough which is hard to do unless I make it up myself, which I've done for vases which are odd sized.

  3. Congratulations.....I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work.

  4. Hi Gerry, thanks for your comment nice to hear from you, can't wait to stop by your blog too.

  5. always good to read your blogs- thank you, thank you. Like it how you notice the ordinary...

  6. Hi Amy, thanks, glas you are enjoying reading.

  7. hi linda, i'm the same on #'s 2,3,5 and 6... wow, and i didn't include any of those when i listed my seven things

  8. Hi Jim, thanks, I didn't know what to say this time, strange for me to be at a loss for words, Ha.


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