Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Tea Time

The other day I was thinking about making teapots; I seem to be in a clay thinking rather than clay making phase. There's been my painting class, sorting items out of the treasure bus, reviewing old photographs, various local functions, health issues, then the flea markets, and other pursuits, but at least I'm thinking about clay. I've only made a few teapots in clay. Making a teapot, at least for me, is something I need to warm up to.

I went to the library and checked out several books on the tradition of drinking and serving tea. No wonder I am thinking of teapots and tea time, it's Spring, the perfect time to have a leisurely tea party, don't you think?

Later in the week I was at the grocery story and I decided to peruse the magazine section. I stop there to do what I call magazine window shopping. I don't purchase the magazines, I just look. For some reason I splurged on this Tea Time magazine (cover in first photo). The dainty and brightly colored teapots and the whimsical tea table displays inside won me over.

I saw there was an article inside Tea Time magazine about tea rooms/shops in Tampa. Tampa is about an hour's drive South of me. I'll have to take a trip there one of these days. On the net, the magazine website has extras to go along with the magazine issues. Oh, look at the bottom magazine cover, gluten free recipes inside, I just noticed that, meant to be.

I started remembering times of my youth when I'd have tea parties outside with my siblings serving them in a my tin tea set. The one I had is something like the photo I have shown (borrowed from the net for illustration purposes). I remember I used to pick oxalis and serve that with imaginary tea, usually water, but sometimes sassafras or cool aide.

As I was leafing through the magazine I discovered an article tucked in the back about the Seagrove Potteries referencing the Teapots and Teacups show at The North Carolina Pottery Center now through April 30, 2011. I remember my friend and fellow blogger Meredith of Whynot Pottery posting about the show see examples of the teapots here and here which are on display.

If you have the opportunity please visit the exhibit or if you're thinking of purchasing a gift, think about a handmade pottery and teapots. Steeped in tradition, you can't go wrong with a teapot to use for daily tea, a tea party, or just to display for it's beauty.

You could even have a tea party with a relative, a friend, your child or grandchild, wouldn't that be fun? Spread a table cloth on the ground or on a picnic table in the shade, bring out a tea set and some tasty morsels, and have a wonderful tea party. Happy Spring to you; it's tea time.


  1. Good idea, I do love tea. I have found a cup of peppermint tea staves off hunger pains and chamomile helps calm world crisis pains. We all need more tea.

  2. wow... that magazine ended up being full of info geared to you! it sure was meant to go home with you.

  3. What a cool post. It cheered me up. I love teapots and was just salivating over an old green Krankoma teapot the other day. I resisted it, but I may have to reconsider. I could so easily have a collection. The neighbors and I occasionally have tea together, but now I'm looking forward to summer and making it a ritual perhaps. Thank you, so much, for giving me something lovely and fun to think about.

  4. We were just planing a tea party for April after the show at GA Southern. I didn't know why it felt so perfect until I read this. Thanks Linda.

  5. Yea for tea- I use to not like tea as a young one and it was something that drove my mother crazy.
    Now- a good cup of tea is well just my cup of tea.
    Cheers Linda!

  6. It is a wonderful exhibit at the NC Pottery Center, and a wonderful article! How fun that you came by it in the manner that you did.

  7. Teapots and tea parties have been on my mind a lot lately too! I think it is the spring weather.
    I think I shall go brew myself some tea right now. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Patti, thanks, it seems there is a tea for just about anything that ails one, I've heard fennel tea is good for upset stomach too.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes I really am a sucker for magazine especially when they are timely.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I'm glad the happiness of this post comes through and also the idea of a ritual, in tough or unstable times I think rituals are important they can be the stability in our lives.

    Hi Lori, thanks, a tea party sounds wonderful a little frivolity and relaxation mixed into together.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes a relaxing cup of tea hits the spot sometimes.

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  10. Hi Jennie, thanks, I was so surprised when I got home and saw the article about Seagrove in the magazine,

    Hi Betsy, thanks, yes I've had visions of special tea parties and hope to be making some unique teapots very soon.


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