Saturday, April 9, 2011

BBQ Red Snapper

Vegetarians, please come back later. Fish haters this might change your mind. If fish eyes make you squeamish, just squint. For those of you who love grilled fish, keep reading, here's a quick, easy, and delicious way to cook a whole snapper or any other pan sized fish on the grill.

Normally the fish department at our local grocery has mostly farm raised fish, like salmon with color added. Color added? Today they had fresh wild caught red snapper, I splurged on one for dinner.

Since it's hot and humid today I decided to use the BBQ grill for the fish. Years ago I used to fish in high mountain lakes in California and I'd cook fish over on open campfire. Today I decided to try the same technique on our BBQ grill.

I stuff the fish body cavity with sliced lemon and then wrap bacon slices around the fish. I hold the bacon in place by inserting toothpicks on an angle into the end of the bacon and through the fish. Press firmly to get the tooth pick to penetrate the fish skin. The bacon prevents the fish from sticking to the grill and keeps it moist.

Don't forget to eat the fish cheeks; some say that's the best part of the fish. Sorry there aren't any leftovers, end of story.


  1. Hello Linda

    This is a very delicious post! I can even smell a nice aroma of the grilled fish. I sometimes see the same type sold here. We usually boil snapper in a soy broth with sugar, sake and a slice of ginger. As I haven't eaten grilled snapper before, I'll try to cook it next time.
    And thanks so much for your heartwarming help for the Great Tohoku Earthquake victims. I donated what I could to the Red Cross in March and sent some relief goods to NPOs. Your kind words are so encouraging.
    Furthermore, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Japanese people are very grateful for US helicoptors and boats that have been helping transport goods to the disaster areas.

  2. Hi Tracey, thanks, but I thought I read on your blog your were a vegetarian, maybe not?

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, I was surprised to see this fish as normally we see red snapper as a fillet and I didn't know what the fish looked like.

    I am so glad the Japanese people are getting much needed help. Even though you are far away in miles everyone in the US is close to the Japanese people in our hearts and minds. I hope the aftershocks diminish quickly and rebuilding goes smoothly.

  3. My favorite meal is fish, over an open campfire preferably, as you often did (Love that image of you), but this sounds delish! Being from Minnesota, a real important part of any fish meal was walleye cheeks. Nummy.

  4. that looks tasty... everything is better with bacon! fish is my favorite food and there isn't a very good selection (or price) at the stores in nearby asheboro. we have had to buy fish in greensboro... we may have to take a trip very soon.

  5. I sure wish I liked fish for it is so good for you. I will have to take your word on this one.

  6. That red snapper looks divine! I love grilled seafood and have it 3 times a week, along with some grilled veggies. I don't know about the cheeks, though. lol

  7. MMM! We've been in BBQ mode now that the temps have warmed up a bit! But I admit when I first saw that fish I wanted to make a FISH PRINT out of it -ha!

  8. Hi Teresa, thanks, I could live on fish myself, over the campfire is the best, so glad you know about fish cheeks, a fisherman gave me that tip once.

    Hi Michele, thanks, it is getting harder and harder to find good fish, we are going to the shore today to try our luck at fishing again.

    Hi Patti, thanks, the trick is to get it very fresh and not over cook it, then it does taste good.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, ask you local fish person about the cheeks, they are right below and behind the eye, peel back the skin with a fork after the fish is cooked and take the tine of the fork and pick out the tiny tasty morsel, very good, like a miniature fillet.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, the shape is beautiful, what a good idea. BBQ is the best, glad it's getting warm for you up there. I kind of wish I had made a print now, what a good idea. I could do it with acrylics and than wash it off and then still eat it I guess.

  9. good luck fishing... i hope you come home with your dinner!
    the only fish cheeks i have had were halibut, they are good but not my favorite part.

  10. You make me very hungry for a good grilled fish mean. Thanks for t he grilling tips.

  11. Greetings from Southern California.

    Everyone smiles in the same language. If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine :-)

    God Bless You :-)

  12. okay, I had never seen this before- fish with bacon wrapped around. I wonder how the bacon tastes--- does it have scales on it? what a neat idea.... looks delicious even though I don't eat much fish.

  13. Hi Michele, thanks, we never made it fishing, just shoveled compost, got Gary's truck unstuck and then I bisque fired and glazed.

    Hi Kate, thanks, a little grilling never hurts does it.

    Hi Ron, thanks, I've got a smile, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Amy, thanks, no scales on the bacon, just keeps the fish moist and allows you to remove it from the grill easier without it sticking.

  14. This looks great! Here's what I did with my snapper last year.
    I'll have to try your recipe next!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Looks yummy.
    Although I looked at it and thought hmm looks like a nice shape of fish to make a mold from.
    Ever tried this? It's something I want to have a go at sometime.

  16. Hi Ronna, thanks, I'll check out the post.

    Hi Cass, thanks, I have never tried that, never wanted to sacrifice the fish, but must try it some time.

    I've got a giveaway on my most recent post, check it out.


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