Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crystals by Peter Gregory

Last October at the opening of the Clay and Blogs show in Southern Pines, North Carolina, I had the opportunity to purchase a pottery piece with crystals by Peter Gregory. I love the narrow opening and the soft green striated color of this piece. I didn't post till now because this piece was picked up, wrapped up, and stored by Meredith, thanks Meredith, and thanks to Michele and Jeff, who brought it down here (along with a couple of my pieces which didn't sell in the show), on their way to the NCECA show this past Tuesday.

Something I admire about Peter is his determined testing and perseverance in developing his crystal glazes on various forms. Firing and refiring, tweeking the glaze recipes, even firing crystals in a wood kiln, amazing work. Be sure to check out Peter's work on his blog. Besides admiring Peter's pottery I also admire his willingness to share his knowledge. I am happy to have met Peter through his blog and I hope one day to be able to visit Peter in person in New Zealand. To me crystalline glazes are one of the most mysterious parts of ceramic glaze chemistry. How about you, what do you find the most mysterious part of ceramics? Comments are welcome.


  1. I am all ready a huge fan of Peter's. His crystals just makes one gasp in wonder. I know next to nothing about pottery, so to me, his work is purely magical.

  2. It's a beautiful pot, you've got to love & respect crystalline glazes.

  3. Love Peter's work -- aren't you thrilled to have a piece of his!?

  4. Dear Linda, I did not know that you were the person that purchased this piece. It is lovely to think of it finding a home with you. I always liked the way that the glaze almost looked like the skin of some sort of vegetable or melon. It has a lot of subtle things going on, and I have never managed to get later batches of that glaze to look like that again... so it is very unique! The base glaze is one that I found on Lasse Ostman's website http://www.stoneware.net/stoneware/glasyrer/crystal.htm
    It is glaze base No 6713, and the base works well around cone 8. I played with the glaze base, adding metal oxides for colour, and I always experimented with firing schedules.
    Anyway, really lovely to think of the pot finding a home with you and Gary,
    Very Best Wishes to you, P.

  5. Patti's right, Peter's crystals are magical.

    I remember when you went to Southern Pines and blogged about a gorgeous piece you bought. It's truly as beautiful as you said. Great job, Linda!

  6. Wonderful piece and Peter's work is amazing!

  7. Hi Patti, thanks, Petee is truly an inspiration to me.

    Hi Lori, thanks, lots of respect and appreciation for all the testing.

    Hi Judy, thanks, yes, just thrilled, I am wondering how to display the few pieces I have to advantage.

    Hi Peter, thanks, yes that's the problem with gallery sales, one isn't often in touch with the purchesers, or collectors. This glaze you used is a bit of a moss green reminds me of raindrops in the forest.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, yes delayed gratification and ratifacation on this pot.

    Hi Margureite, thanks, yes Peter is a special artist, but also a special person.


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