Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sometimes people are so generous. I ordered the shino and ash tea bowl above from my friend Amy Huacani and she also sent the one below for Gary. Gary promptly picked up the one above saying it was perfect for him. Gary has severe arthritis in his thumb and sometimes he can't pick things up. This teabowl design with the little indentation is perfect for someone with his thumb limitation.

Thanks so much for your generosity, Amy, both teabowls are beautiful. I've been under the weather, but I will send the giveaways very soon. Sorry for the delay.


  1. Both tea bowls are lovely and it was so nice of Amy to include the second one. Hope you're feeling better, soon!

  2. What lovely tea bowls. I sometimes find that I am shocked by the caring and generosity of others; such a beautiful surprise.

  3. These are lovely and it sounds like it came at just the right time. Happy to read :)

  4. beautiful teabowls... i hope you are feeling better soon

  5. Lovely tea bowls..what a treat!
    Yes, do feel better soon, Linda..

  6. You're welcome. Glad they arrived safely. Gosh, those pictures are great. I need to get a photo box or do what you're doing... which is what to get such great pictures? Hoping you're feeling better soon!

  7. Hi Marguerite, thanks, doing better finally.

    Hi Meredith, thanks,

    Hi Julia, thanks, I too am blown away, bloggers making the world a better place for sure.

    Hi Tammy Jo, welcome and thanks, just the right time.

    Hi Michele, thanks, doing better today.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I am doing better today.

    Hi Amy, thanks so much, you are so generous, Gary just loves the dimple you put in that tea bowl, might be a good marketing idea - tea bowls for those with arthritis.


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