Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good News & Questionable

Yesterday I found out my pottery was accepted to be on display at the local library here in Citrus County in August. A one person show of sorts I guess. This small feather in my cap has spurred me on to gather more feathers for my art cap in the future. The Gautama Buddha statue you see above is made of solid concrete. I won this at a silent auction for charity in California many years ago. I love the serene look and the details in the hair piled high like a headdress.

The glass display cabinets at the library are 45 h x 22 w x 9.76 d and there are four cabinets. The narrow depth of the cabinet is a bit limiting, but I'll have to work around that. Pots cannot have prices on them. Initially I'm thinking about an educational display about the various techniques I use in making my pottery with some descriptions and photos of the process of pinching, coiling, slab building and some accompanying pots in various stages of completion. What do you think?

Gary had an interview day before yesterday and he's fairly certain he has the job, they'll call him next week. But is this news good or questionable? Gary ran into a driver for the same company yesterday and he was telling Gary they don't pay well. The company is 37 miles from here. It will cost him about $80 per week to drive there and back and that doesn't include wear and tear on his pickup truck plus increased insurance costs.

His truck is a 6 cylinder and gets fairly good mileage. He can't carpool because everyone starts work and gets off at a different time depending on the job they're doing. We can't afford to purchase another car which gets better mileage, even a used one, and we can't afford any loan payments. A motorcycle isn't safe in rainy weather and fuel prices are on the rise.

The cost to get to work will be about a quarter of what he'll make per day if they hire him at the lowest wage they pay. Their health insurance is the same cost as what we're paying now, but without the $10,000 deductible. If Gary works full time he'll loose his social security, but he'll be continuing to pay into that fund. Gary's trying to figure out if it's worth it financially to work there. I think the guy told Gary he has been making the same wage ever since he started there. I could have gotten a job at a bait shop but had to lift 35 pound buckets of bait, not a good idea for me.

Gary noticed orange juice stayed the same price, then he noticed it went from 64 ounces to 59 ounces. Food prices are on the rise. I talked to a real estate agent the other day and home prices are continuing to drop. Predictions are they will continue that way for another two years. Of course they said that two years ago too. I'm starting to see the writing on the wall.


  1. Tell Gary to stay home and enjoy life, that's my opinion, unless he really wants a "job." Don't let traditional thinking decide for you. Think outside the working-for-others-profit box. After they take out taxes, he'll be working for even less. How much actual money will you see at the end of the workweek? I see the writing on the wall, too, and it's not good.

    But, I'm so happy for you getting that show! How fun! Good for You!

  2. i think an educational display is a great idea since your work will be in the library... even if you can't sell your work it will be great exposure. for the new job, you are right on to think of all the other costs associated with the commute. i used to drive almost an hour to work for a couple of years and i cant imagine what it would cost me to do that now (it was bad enough then). perhaps because Gary has so much experience they will start him at a higher wage AND maybe the other guy isn't a great employee and that is why his pay hasn't increased. good luck to both of you, whatever your decision may be

  3. Maybe it will all work out- fingers crossed!

  4. Congratulations on being a featured artist. That must be thrilling. I hope you and Gary are able to resolve the work issue to your advantage. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Hi Teresa, thanks, Gary doesn't really want a job, but needs a job, his social security isn't enough for us to live on. But today we found another company he is going to apply at on Monday. We are keeping our fingers cross on the experience potential for a better salary, but their equipment isn't that good for him either, he is too tall and I am too short and vehicles are made for average stature it seems.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I just saw the neatest exhibit posted on facebook that's in Spain right after I posted here, check my profiles and see it, I posted a link, of course I'm not going to do charcoal drawings of myself, but photos, but maybe I could do the photos in sepia or something to make them more artsy and cohesive, I've got time to think about the idea.

    I was thinking the same thing as you about the other guy, we shall see, but the trucks are very tight and small cabs and you know how tall Gary is and with his bad back he might be somewhat crippled up after more than 10 hours in one of their trucks, anyway we found another place today he'll check on Monday.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I hope so. I guess they say it all works out, sometimes things happen for a reason.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes to our advantage, we don't want an arm and a leg only enough to buy food and shelter, we can get clothes at the thrift store, Ha.

  6. I so love your website. The instructions on how to make stuff are wonderful. I am new to clay and loved the paper bowl trip for a hump mold.

    How did you fill your vase with Gold it's awesome!

  7. Hi Anonymous, thanks, the vase isn't really filled with gold that's the glaze that looks golden and makes it look like it's filled with gold. I hope you'll consider starting a blog and sharing some of your work, I'd love to stop by.

  8. Congrats on the library show! Hope that everything works out with the job situation, for Gary. You could apply for a government grant for your pottery business. And it's money that you never have to pay back!

  9. Hi Marguerite, thanks, that's a great idea. I have often thought of applying for a grant, but one usually has to show they will stick with a year long process that benefitst the community they are in to receive those types of grants, and with my fluctuating health issues and the potential of selling our home I put that idea on the back burner.


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