Thursday, May 5, 2011

Slow Blooms

More flowers are wandering into my studio. Here's some drying on the side of a bowl. I'm calling them slow blooms since it's taking me longer than I expected to fill up the shelves to make a full load. I'm wishing I had one of those jewelers magnifying and light contraptions to wear to work on the details of the flower I make. My magnified glasses aren't strong enough. Have you used one of those before, can you make a recommendation of what type to get?

I saw this slug on the wall of the house this morning. I feel like I'm moving as slow as him in my flower making progress. Doesn't his coloring look a bit like an oil spot glaze?

With fuel and food prices skyrocketing, I'm looking for as many ways to conserve dollars as I can. I found out electricity is less expensive between the hours of 9 pm and 10 am from May through September, so I plan to fire the kiln during those hours with the top temperature and hold time well within those limits.

I'm even using the oven before 10 am and then reheating what I cook if necessary. Hopefully every little bit helps in conserving. Maybe using the propane BBQ is less expensive than the oven, I'll bet it is.

I finally made it to the post office and mailed out the giveaway photos yesterday, so look for those in the mail real soon. A few folks haven't sent me their address, please send them along so I can finish up this project. Since it's cooler here today I feel more energized, so I'm trying to get projects checked off my list. Yesterday was humid as you know what. I can feel the summer doldrums coming sooner than I want them to. Have a good one.


  1. Hi Linda... I love what you are doing with the flower power! You are so creative..:)..
    re: magnifying.. I do not have any experience with such, (but do need such! :)...I know that the magnifiers used for cross stitching are great, so would work for us too.
    re: your question on my blog about glazing the buttons.. My plan is to just push the pin tool through the holes a couple of times..will see..and maybe a drop of wax. or heh!! I just thought of this: maybe the tip of a sharpened wax crayon!! will try that..
    Have a great day. t.

  2. Hi Trish, thanks so much, with all that's going in the world right now, perhaps I am trying to compensate by making as many flowers as I can as they make me feel happy and I hope they make others happy too. What a great idea about the wax crayon; I hope that works out, maybe some waxed string or thread the kind they use for quilting pulled through the holes, you have me thinking. Blogs are so good for sharing.

  3. oh Trish, I'll check in the sewing section to see what they have for magnifying - I want something I can wear on my head so my hands are free to work. It's heck to get poorer eyesight as a I grow older, but as Gary says to me, you're still upright, Ha.

  4. I'm always looking for ways to save $$$'s. I use my mothers old electric roaster in the summer...then I don't have the oven heating up the house and the air conditioner trying to cool it down. I also heard that it's best to gas up in the evening, cooler air makes it swell up??? I don't know about that one and who can afford to fill up anymore, anyway??? Ha ha ha! I love your flowers, especially the third one from the top. It's beautiful.

  5. Linda..the magnifying 'unit' that I am thinking of is a free standing one..a magnifying glass of whatever size ( 5x7" for example) attached to a frame that sits on the floor.. Yes, a sewing centre or a yarn store should be able to help..
    ..good eve to you. t.

  6. I, too, am really enjoying the flower power work you are doing. Lovely stuff. And how is it that you can photograph a slug and make it look, well, not so slug-like? THAT takes real talent!

  7. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, an electric roaster, never heard of one of those, hum, I'll have to check into that. I remember the electric frying pans, was it like a rotisserie? Hopefully these glaze up nicely. Perhaps I'll get some good ones this time since I have so many, some are bound to come out looking good. Ha.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I'll check them out.

    Hi Becky, thanks so much, perhaps the slug doesn't look slug like because he was rather dry looking, he was inside the pool cage area and I carried him out to the woods on a spatchula away from the flower beds.

    I remember when we lived in the California mountains they had these banana slugs that were golden yellow brown and they were huge and really gross looking. Our dog bit into one one time and foamed at the mouth for hours - appaently the slugs emit something to ward predators off like that ooooowwee.

  8. You can find those free standing lighted magnifiers for needle work at yard sales and consignment shops a lot. I think they are rather expensive new. We always use the BBQ in the summer to save on the heat in the house. I use a toaster oven in the summer too. My latest one has a rotisseri in it and is great-got it at a yard sale too- Love the new flowers


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