Friday, June 3, 2011

Junkyard Dog

Gary and I made another trip to the junkyard; here's some photos for your perusal and inspiration. Most of the truck photos were taken by Gary; there's a lot of steel rusting away. This first photo is the entrance gate to the junkyard; I love the patina on the metal.

Junkyard dog, she was a real sweetie. Speaking of dogs, check out the dog Becky sculpted at the top of her blog, I love that sculpture.

There's lots of beauty and lingering memories at the junkyard.


  1. Gosh, junk yard dogs are supposed to be fierce. That dog is positively meek.
    Good to see that she is not kept around for protection but for love.

  2. Oh what fun. That junk yard looks like it would be one photo opp after another. I love old trucks. Hope you found some great inspiration along the way, too.

    Now, I have the Jim Croce song stuck in my head... :)

  3. Great place, could spend the day photo'ing the rust.

  4. Love those photos. The rocket ship in the first one is so cool, also the front grill hanging from the webbing. I'd hang that on a wall...a great art piece. I love rust on anything!

  5. OH I AM SO JEALOUS!! I would have had a hard time not pulling my plasma cutter along with me there!! That ol' dog does look like a sweetie :o)

  6. Hi Patti, thanks, yeah the owner really loves her. She is quite a charmer.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, that must be one Jim Croce song I'm unfamiliar with, I'll have to look it up.

    Hi Max, thanks, you would have had a hey day in that junkyard and I am sure your photos would be super; some of the patina on the flaking paints was wonderful.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, yeah I loved the gate and that grill in the quonset hut style building was so cool elevated to that stature.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, this place has to in the book of one of the best places we have "found" to get junk. We are so lucky to have found it.

  7. "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown...badder than old King Kong, meaner than a junkyard dog..."

  8. Hi Teresa, thanks, oh I remember now, - ha I'll be singing it all day today now. have a good one.


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