Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thirteen Dollars

We'll be eating like royalty all week long for thirteen dollars. We bought those vegetables and fruits for thirteen dollars at a new produce stand we found near our home. And every time we spend $50 at the stand between now and December, we'll get five dollars off, so we're saving our receipts. Using these vegetables and fruits and a few condiments and spices, we'll be eating gourmet meals. Check your local farmer's market or produce stand, they just might have some delicious bargains.

Six sweet potatoes, three mango's, three peaches, four oranges, one purple eggplant, two white eggplant, one large crookneck squash, four small zucchini, and nine Roma tomatoes. Here's some fried eggplant dipped in gluten free crack crumbs and sauteed in butter and olive oil with a side of fresh quartered tomatoes dipped in balsamic vinegar. Quick and easy to make and oh so wonderful.

I could eat this salsa every day, spicy, but not too hot. Papaya salsa made with roasted poblano peppers and fresh cilantro. Can't find papaya, substitute peaches. How about some blue corn chips to go with.

Try fresh pineapple, it's good all by itself; slice it up and enjoy. If you have any recipes to share, please let me know. I like eating a sweet potato for lunch with a dab of butter or slicing squash down the middle and grilling it. Try something new and fresh you might like it. Hope you're having a good weekend. Sunday is drum circle and next week we plan to go to the Tampa Aquarium. I know I'll have lots of inspiration from there. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Those roma tomato look to be loaded with taste! nothing like Fresh produce :^)

  2. Sounds and looks delicious. Nothing like fresh veggies. You have some great ideas here. I'm feeling inspired. Thank you

  3. I'm heading to our local Saturday market right now although it's raining.... there won't be mango and pineapple though. Good thing about living in Florida is all of that fruit!

  4. fired eggplant YUM! everything looks delicious. i would love to be able to grow all of my own vegetables... right now we don't have a large enough area with all day sun to grow more than a few tomatoes, basil and garlic. someday though...

  5. NOTHING tastes as good as fresh pineapple if you can find a ripe one. Yummy.

  6. The forecast here is for two days of snow so were eating potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage & swede in our part of the globe! (fortunately I do actually like those veggies, but after looking at your post it would be so nice to have a fresh mango!).

  7. Hi Anna, thanks, yes, nothing like it and this produce stand has produce much riper than the grocery store.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, hope you try something new, you never know what you might like.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, much of this must be from here then. I saw some miniature bananas, but I forgot to pick them up, next time.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I used to grow quite a few all the other places we lived, here I just have some tomatoes and peppers growing.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I go by smell for the pineapples, if I can smell them then they are ripe, this one was really good and was much less than if I had purchased even the cheapest in a can.

    Hi Peter, thanks, I could jump in a bank of snow to cool off; what is swede, never heard of it. I'll have to look it up.


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