Friday, September 30, 2011

Birds Are Migrating

It's that time of year and these three tropical birds have decided they want to migrate. So I've placed them for sale in my shop. Now's your chance to provide a home to these three birds. Since they'll be traveling together there's a special group price. Check the sidebar for a close up of each bird or Buy Studio Pottery for other details. These fine feathered friends really belong together but are not limited to the arrangement I have them hung, they can be rearranged or even placed in different rooms.

Here's the complement to the lavender lady tile (in previous post), this one is turquoise lady with the colors and face reversed. The white lines carved in the tile will become whiter when the tile is fired which may emphasize the features to make them more discernible on this and the other tile.

My revolving pegboard display arrived and I think this is going to work great for displaying my wall sculptures. I ordered it from the Store Supply Warehouse and it arrived in one day and they called me to let me know when it would arrive. Wow, such great service. It folds flat and the top and bottom slip off so it's convenient to carry. It stands five feet tall. If I place the stand on the ground out of doors, I will have to make a stand to set the turntable on since the turntable was meant for a flat floor surface.

I may make one of these pegboard displays with the sections wider and make it into a triangle and not use a turntable. If this type of display were placed at the corner of a show booth it would encourage folks walking by to enter the booth to see the other side. Ideally I'd like a hanging display covered with fabric and more upscale, do you know of any suppliers for those? I've been trying to think the best way to hang my wall sculptures. What do you think? Are S hooks secure enough or should I use a wire eye bolt in the pegboard? There's a show next weekend where the artist isn't present to sell items because the club runs the sale so I want them to be secure but also easily removed for purchase. And they don't allow items to be hung on the walls.

I've been harvesting these sweet peppers out of the garden sporadically. I like these long thin peppers since they are the perfect size to slice up and toss in a salad. If you have comment moderation enabled on your blog, I can't comment there. Something is happening with blogger again. I've tried twice to make a comment on Lori's blog and it's still not there.

As I was typing here, my cat Butter was stung by a scorpion. It was running across the office floor and he ran after it and it stung him on the mouth, so far he's OK, thank goodness. I'm not going barefoot on this tile any more. Gary was resealing the weather stripping for the door into the garage and perhaps he snuck in from there. Ugh. Tomorrow is white rabbit day, don't forget. Click the link for the story. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It was 'hares and rabbits' in my first husband's family. It was best if it could be shared......greeting, 'hares'..... response 'rabbits'.......the very best is one minutes past midnight, jan 1! 'White rabbit' is much easier! Initially I thought it was going to be a post about Jefferson Airplane! :)

  2. It is good to see your work in a home setting and up on a painted wall. Looks fantastic! It is too bad that you can't have a painted wall with table on display in a booth! Sometimes visuals help people really SEE the work.
    Good luck with the show!

  3. Hi Suzi, thanks, yes one pill makes you smaller and pill makes you large. Ha.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, you know you bring up a good point I have been wracking my brain trying to think up ways to display these as a picture in a home setting says a 1000 words for sure. That lamp isn't that heavy to carry either and the pyramid is also my ceramic piece and ties in with the black color. The walls of my studio are painted that coral color and not everything looks good on that background but the black really does. I think I'll add some photos of pottery displayed and used into my portfolio or perhaps a little postcard photo of them displayed beneath the work, thanks for stimulating my brain.

  4. Those who have their comment settings at "embedded below post" are being blocked right now. There are several blogs I can't comment on. Hope blogger fixes it. It is frustrating.

  5. The birds look great, nice detail; they should fly out of your store in no time.

  6. Hi Patti, thanks for letting me know about the problem; I knew it was something but just didn't know what.

    Hi Lori, thanks, did you notice I can't comment on your blog, blogger has changed something and certain moderated comments won't work.

  7. Those tropical birds are fab and very nicely displayed. Another scorpion, yikes! Hope Butter is better, by now. Yeah, Blogger is definitely doing some strange things, lately, and it is so frustrating!

  8. Hi Marguerite, thanks about the birds, Butter is just fine, he'll probably think twice about going after crawly things from now on.


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