Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leaves Are Falling

Today I noticed some of the leaves are already changing. Plants seem to know if it's going to be an early winter. I liked the bricks from the last firing so I put some sycamore leaves on this section of bricks.

The changing season inspired me to make this wall sculpture. Don't know if you can see it but there are three undulations. I also added some holes through the piece. I want to add something three dimensional, but I am not sure what to add just yet. Hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    We very much like your highly original wall sculpture based upon the changing seasons, particularly what appears to us as a 'stencil'effect.

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, hopefully I can find something unique to put in the holes after firing.

    I think in the first one I may have to turn it upside down for the leaves to be falling. Ha.

  3. Much better upside down, but really right side up. Ha.

  4. I've been lurking for a while, but I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your tile saga. Clay wouldn't be fun if it were predictable would it?

    One thing that helps me with warpage is to start by throwing the slab on a canvas board and turning it over with each throw. I finish with a rolling pin. I use a slab roller for larger pieces, which can lead to it's own set of problems. I work in low fire, mostly terra cotta ......a whole different kettle of fish.

    Hang in there re: Medicare. When you get there think about a prescription plan. Life should not be this expensive!

    Love the kitty histories!

  5. Really like the wall sculpture. I love things that are a little bit out there and original. I think this is often because art wise I find it hard stepping out of the box.
    Great work.

    My cats are important to me too. :o)

  6. Big thanks Linda for the comment on my blog! I will go - right now - to see what the wellness formula is. And keep up the FABULOUS pottery!!!

  7. Hi Suzi, thanks so much for the tip abot throwing the slabs, I knew about that but have never tried it, I'll give it a whirl and thanks for not lurking Ha.

    Hi Bohemiannie, thanks, I hope it works for you, not being well for a month is too long, thanks for stopping by.

  8. The wall with leaves is awesome!!!

  9. Hi Blackpumpkin, thanks so much, bricks are intriquing to me and I just realized they are made of clay too. Ha.


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