Friday, September 16, 2011


I 'm getting back into the habit of doing more reading like I used to years ago. With all the clay going's on, I've only read two on this week's list. I thought you might like to see what's on the table.

There's even a children's book I chose because of the illustrations.

In the magazine section of our library I read American Artist and learned about a New York artist's group called "The Indian Space Painters", written by Barbara Hollister and Eric Sutphin. I was intrigued by the abstract expressionistic style paintings of artist's such as Steve Wheeler, Robert Barrell, and Gertrude Barrer. They and others were influenced by Native American imagery and mythology.

Check out your local library you never know what you might find to interest you. Ours even has high speed internet to use for free and it's faster than our connection at home. Thanks for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Without reading, one of our principal pleasures, life would be a little less joyous. What is more, it is always of interest to know what others read and, from time to time, to have recommendations.

    Have a very peaceful and restful weekend.

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes you never know when you might just want a recommendation, I look forward to other's recommendations on good reads myself.

  3. Oh girl, you are having some kind of fun now. How do you find the time? These all look wonderful. Cover art is so cool. There is some outstanding juvenile fiction out there. I guess they call it young adult now?

    Have fun!

  4. So that is what real books look like. I'd almost forgotten since Kindle.
    I do hope ebooks don't replace libraries. They are such wonderful free tools. I need to go visit mine. I miss the librarians who became friends.

  5. I love the titles and the covers!! I wish I had the patients to sit down and read a book. I'm just too much of a compulsive multitasker.
    Have fun :)

  6. I bought a Kindle earlier this year and love it. It's so convenient and easy to hold in my hands while reclining on my sofa. Later this year, Kindle will begin offering a library feature, where you can borrow books from your library for free and read them on your Kindle.

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks, yes one can loose themselves in a book for a while. Ha.

    Hi Patti, thanks, there is something appealing about the book covers and magazines are so expensive that it's nice to be able to read them at the library.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, normally I am the same way, but I am trying to get back into the habit of reading, once I start it can stick with it, but picking up the book is the thing to do first. Ha.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I've never seen a kindle, but that would be nice if the library books were on kindle, although I do like looking at the covers.


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