Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Visitor and a Gift

As we were packing up our yard sale the other day, this hawk landed on the edge of the roof and stayed there for a very long time, then he flew off and landed in a tree. Next thing you know he landed on our neighbor's lawn like he caught something. Even though nothing was there he hopped around. He seemed to be pretending to have caught something.

Later Gary brought me a gift he found in the yard. A complete snake skin from a young snake. He's about one and half feet in length. Sorry to my visitors who don't like snakes, but it's a curiosity to me to see the skin. It's soft to the touch and light as a feather and yet it doesn't fall apart when touched. Delicate but strong.

The scales are very visible, even the eyes are easy to see. I wonder what type of snake it came from. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Snake skins make wonderful gifts! And so do hawks. Another gift! Sounds like a good day.

  2. I thought I'd comment here on your last post. There was a very well-known Japanese potter who said his work is priced high because it's not just the work entailed in producing that single piece, but the years of working at his art that went into making that piece and the pricing should include that. It does sound more like they are looking for craft items, which can be rather artistic, but....

  3. COOL! A complete snake skin...I find partial skins but I don't think I've ever found one that complete. Keep it protected. I think they become brittle over time.

    We have had a huge number of garter snakes this summer. I can only assume it's due to the quantities of rain we've had. I know they're harmless but they never fail to surprise me.

    Hawks, however, are wonderful. We've had a red tail and his descendants living in our woods for over thirty-five years.

  4. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift. Sounds like a double blessing.

  5. You sure have a lot of critters in your yard! The snake skin is really cool, though, without the actual snake in it. :)

  6. If you look close;y at the photo on my blog today of Laura with her sculpture, the belly button is a curled up snake skin she found around her studio. It's really cool.

  7. It looks like a garter snake.
    We have so many hawks around here. It's fun to watch them circling about on a summer's day "making lazy circles in the sky".

  8. It sure fooled that hawk. He certainly is a beautiful bird. I have never seen a whole skin before, only part. Nice find.

  9. At our last house we used to get snake skins left all the time... they have the most amazing texture don't they....glad it was a little one, some of the ones left for us were a bit scary because they were so huge

  10. Hopefully, the hawk ate the snake. I don't like snakes... hope you're well! great to catch up on your blog a bit.

  11. We have hawks and eagles flying over our house a lot. I love to watch them, but I don't like the buzzards circling. I keep telling them I'm not dead and don't plan on being anytime soon. Maybe they are just waiting for me to run into one of the big timber rattlers in the area and have a heart attach.

    Pamela Jo

  12. Hi Teresa, thanks, it's the little things.

    Was that Hamada who said that?

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, a pair were mating earlier this year, perhaps this is their offspring.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes doubly blessed for sure.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, yeah the skin is cool looking, great pattern.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, I checked it out, really cool.

    Hi Linda, thanks, yeah they've been pretty active around here lately.

    Hi Patti, thanks, the only other time I saw a whole one was in our pasture in Arkansas, a huge one from a timber rattler.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, well I guess if there are snake skins around it will be a warning to be careful.

    Hi Amy, thanks, we need the snakes otherwise the rodent population would be out of control.

    Hi Pamela Jo, thanks, you must have some good thermals in the air where you live for the buzzards and that's why they are circling around. I once read a buzzard can smell dead carrion for 10 miles amazing.


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