Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back Burner

Several folks suggested I make some free standing shrines, here's the first one. I plan to glaze this one rather than using colored slips. After seeing Anna's post about her pit fired pieces she has in her garden I thought one of these shrines might be nice pit fired. The interior is empty except for a few leaf impressions, so the recipient can add what they wish.

Here's how I held the front of the roof till it firmed up a bit. I broke a chopstick to length and sandwiched it between two dry sponges, and used some painter's tape around. This shrine is much deeper than the others I've made and it seems quite dark inside. On future pieces I may add some skylights or windows to let in some light. If I added a chimney and left it open that would add some light. Ha. I might try that. Or maybe a fireplace at the back with those flames I wanted to try.

When I was traveling in my motorhome I talked about making clay buildings. I knew they would never survive traveling so I put my idea on a back burner [put aside for the time being, to be activated later]. Then I moved here and I made the church above patterned after this church I saw in Toyahvale Texas. Then I fell ill, so I put those ideas on the back burner again and forgot about them. Now that I'm doing better I remembered those ideas. I plan to revisit my journal sketches, from what seems like so long ago, to see what else I may have on a back burner. What about you, do you have anything on a back burner? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Dennis, thanks, click the first link to see the real church in Texas it was so simple and wonderful and the doors were unlocked and we went in; I'd love to have a studio in a building like that.

  2. That's an excellent replica of the church, really captures the ambience.
    I have lots on the back burner too - like more perfume bottles with stoppers, more lidded containers.. thanks for the link back to my post :^)

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  4. A lot of what I am doing now is based on back burner stuff....or recovering information......I'm enjoying the entire process.

    I like the little church and the've caught it's essence very effectively. More....please?

  5. The little adobe church is charming!
    Sometimes I feel like my whole life is on the back burner while I putter around online!

  6. i like the pic of your "holding it all together" method!
    i think pit firing shrines is a great idea.

  7. Hello Linda:
    We think that your new shrine design is very appealing. Making it a little deeper is a good idea we think as then it really can be filled with a number of small items chosen by its owner. If one includes a tea light into the arrangement we should not be worried that it is too dark, we rather think that it may be more atmospheric.

    The small church is so very pretty. So simple and yet lovely.

  8. Hi Anna, thanks, oh yes perfume bottles and lidded boxes, but they do take time. The more I think about this post the more I realize I have on the back burner, maybe I need to make a list.

    Hi MC Photography, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I've always been drawn to the architecture and churches have some unique features not seen in many other buildings.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes with the computer it has the potential of taking up more time than it should for me too.

    Hi Michele, thanks, that's what the name of the post should have been holding it all together, ha.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes a candle would lighten up the interior and of course the glaze color will also brighten the space. The church was out in the middle of nowhere in Texas and such a peaceful spot to visit.


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