Friday, February 3, 2012

Totem Section Two

Here's the second section for the evolving totem. I think I figured out how to stabilize the structure. I thought I would make some wider narrow sections out of clay to sandwich between each of the taller sections. Not quite sure what shape yet. I was out of plain slip to make my attachments so I used some gray stained slip. Kind of wasteful, but I was in the mood to make something and didn't want to stop to mix up a big batch of slip. I guess I'll do that tomorrow.

Months, maybe years, ago (more back burner pots) I had an idea to make a totem that fit one section in another which I think is a better idea because then the totem could be moved if need be. I guess it wouldn't be too late to cut a hole in both sections. Have you ever cut a hole in a piece that has dried beyond leather hard? Wondering if I should risk it. When I finished building this section I had a couple of pieces left over and held them up to see how they would look. They were too dry to attach, but I wish I had attached them because I like the look of them; almost fence like but not quite. Somehow this section doesn't really go with the previous section stylistically; I might make this section one and not use the first section. There's Butter behind me taking a cat nap while I work.

I got my work set up at the Florida Artists Gallery at our new gallery location. As it turned out the shelf I got would't fit so my work is installed on the mantel and on the wall. I forgot my camera but I'll take photos next time. Stay tuned to learn about another location where my work can be found coming up soon.Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    There are so many technical complexities to overcome in making your clay pieces. We never realised that so much is involved and are truly in awe of your patience and persistence in overcoming the challenges and realising your goal.

    So exciting that you are finding new outlets for your work. we look forward to seeing it in situ!

  2. Yes, Linda, I have cut holes through bone dry clay. I sometimes forget to cut out holes in the bottom slab of my large pieces. I make 1"-2" diameter holes for metal pipe support for tall pieces. With a throwing sponge (the round one) dampen where you want the hole. You made need to do this several times until it soaks through half way. With a large drill bit. Slowly drill until you hit dry clay. Dampen again. Drill slow and with very light pressure. It may sound slow, but really it goes quickly. Practice on a bone dry slab first.

  3. Hello Linda-Yes, I have drilled 1" holes in bone dry clay. I sometimes get ahead of myself and forget to make holes so the piece can go over metal piping. I just dampen using a round throwing sponge as a pattern. I use a pencil size drill bit and slowly drill. Keep wetting the hole. Drill a bit more. Once all the way through I wet area again and use a fettling knife to enlarge the hole. It is slow going, but it really doesn't take that long. Practice on a piece of dried clay. I even drilled small holes in bisqued pieces. Hope this helps.

  4. Great idea! I'm tweeting this post!

  5. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, I've got to remember to take my camera next time, the victorian house looks really great now that it's all set up with the work.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, oh so glad you commented here. I may try drilling the work and see what happens. I've been thinking and rethinking this totem and realize I have gone about the whole process in the opposite way, making the work first and thinking how I will put it together. I'm going to make a few drawings and see what I come up with.

    Hi Kittie, thanks so much, great to be retweeted.


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