Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Organization

From now on I need to take more photos before I ship something off. This vase went to New York City recently, and I can't seem to find any photos of this vase on my computer other than this one. It was 13 inches tall and must have been difficult to get the photo in my cube and stand back far enough to get the whole vase in the photo. Oh, here's another one of it lying down. Neither photo is very good.

Maybe I have some photos in my laptop computer; I'll have to look. Anyway, I've been trying to organize my photos deciding which categories to put them all in. How do you organize your photos? Do you put them in folders according to the type, like vase, bowl, cup, plate? Or do you have folders which say it went to this gallery or that, or do you put them all in one big folder.

What names do you put on the pieces or do you give them inventory numbers? For instance this photo is called 'tall aqua vine vase'. I did make a couple of separate folders for 'pots in use', 'etsy', and then I also have 'inspiration', 'flowers' and 'photography'.  But for my pottery it's getting to the point that I have to scroll through hundreds of photos just to find what I am looking for. There's more to being a potter than just designing and making the work, isn't there. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    You highlight here a predicament which must be common to very many artists who need to record their work but are uncertain as to how best to catalogue it.

    In our gardening days of old, when we were often required to give lectures on various aspects of the subject, we experienced the same difficulty with the organization of our slides. There is, we feel, no easy answer.

    Jó hétvégét!

  2. I do chronological folders of photos, then put them within folders of topics, nature, inspiration, bowls, animals etc...I tried numbering an inventory, but haven't been successful with it. And I'm not a production potter, so I think those folks must have to have a better system.

  3. I start with a folder that has the date as I normally take a bunch of pictures at once. Then I may separate them by style or type of piece but even that can get confused (it's decorated with horse hair but it's also a vase). I do use a database and adobe bridge so I can search by keywords.

  4. I usually separate by year, then sub categorize by type. I also use separate folders within the years for galleries (where my work is), etsy, etc. And if I've made any great glaze discoveries (ha) I would separate that as well.

    I have a blog-photo file and webpage file too.

    Too many photos, lol!

  5. I have similar problems with organizing my written stuff. I wrote a novel starting out with each chapter in a separate file. What a mistake! I wish I'd asked for advice before making it so complicated.

  6. i typically keep the photos were iPhoto puts them and I label the "event" and they are automatically filed chronologically. I have some folder on my desktop where I drop certain pics... like ones used for advertising of show submissions. Aside from that I am not too organized but usually don't have trouble finding things.
    I think the first photo of the vase is a great close up of the texture and glaze. I really like that combination.

  7. Wrong person here. I do not organize my photos but then I am not trying to sell anything. Hope some one else can help you.

  8. Hi long time no see.
    I have been quite busy so I could not write any posts so far.

    This vase is so beautiful, Linda!
    I read your recent posts as well and found your thicker plates and Garden Goddess fantastic. I love the texture and color of the thicker plates.

    I'm not good at getting organized, either. I do not organize my photos though I always want to do so.

  9. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, if you only knew how many slides and photographs I also have you would be shocked. I said some time ago I'd organize them and I have yet to do that either.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I don't think I could number my work either since each one is individual. I may have to think about dates, perhaps years of making and then divide those.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I wish I had a way to search by word or phrase, and organizing by date might helps in some instances.

    Hi Judy, thanks, yes too many photos, sometimes I go to my blog and copy my own photo to use again if I can't find it. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes I can see where that would be confusing to have each chapter in a separate file, but if it was all in one, wouldn't be be quite large?

    Hi Michele, thanks, I can automatically copy the photos from my card to my computer, but I usually look at them, then edit and shrink if needed, then save them to my computer which takes quite a bit of time. It all seems a lot of work for sure.

    Hi Patti, thanks, it's relocating them that's the hard part if needed again.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, and welcome back, hope things have been going well for you. Thanks about the plates and goddess, I hope to get more organized this year, we shall see. Ha.

  10. Oh Linda! I also wade through hundreds of photos, but don't know how best to organize them. When I download my camera, those photos go into my General folders by date, then I pull from these into Photoshop. Once cleaned up, they go into my Etsy or Blog folder or into other folders such as Kids and Grandkids or Pottery or Arts and Crafts. I now need to put folders into these folders, but can never decide how to divide them up. Surely there is a better way!


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