Monday, May 7, 2012

Bald Cypress Platter

Here's my bald cypress platter fresh out of the kiln; it's 9.75 inches. I painstakingly dabbed glaze in each depression but there may be two little depressions which resisted the glaze.. I've never re fired anything before I might give this one a try. The platter might look better with a darker backdrop. I'm just now unloading the kiln, more later. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I like the subtle colors, I hate that you might need to re-fire it, sometimes that fixes problems sometimes it makes them worse or causes other problems. I usually tell students that if the piece won't work the way it is then go ahead and re-fire. Think of it as already broken, you can't break it more. Let us know what you do and how it turns out.

  2. So very nice! I just love it. Have a nice day.


  3. Lovely coloring...and I do refire if necessary; sometimes it works, actually most times if it's to correct a glaze malfunction. But there are other things that can happen be wary if you decide to do it.

  4. Hi Lori, thanks, I hate that it needs refiring and it looks much better in person the leaves look like fossils, and I was so careful. Actually I have refired work but only high fire and never had good results with those, haven't tried it with this mid range, but I will try it with this one if I have room next time to see what happens.

    Hi Elna, thanks so much.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, when you reglaze do you pre warm the work or how do you do it. there are just two small depressions that need the glaze, it might be better just to make another one and keep this one for myself.

  5. Re-firing is a gamble. Spraying hair spray on the area helps hold the glaze sometimes. If the area is really small, I've used the thicker glaze that's on the sides of the bucket and apply it with my finger.

    I like the platter and the subtle colors, so I hope it makes it through the second firing.

  6. If the areas are small I would follow Judy's advice about dabbing a little glaze on. The only time we had a disaster was when Jeff tried to reglaze a large area... he warmed the piece up, the glaze adhered just fine... BUT it blew up in the kiln and took out a bunch of my carved plates :-(. He thinks if he had put the reglazed pieces in the bisque kiln to dry it might not have happened.

  7. My first impression was of a prickly cactus leaf.

  8. Well, all I see is a beautiful platter. Love it that you guys think yourselves to pieces.

  9. Really like the coloring. I can imagine a plate of brownies with sprigs of greenery on the side.

  10. Hi Judy, thanks, the area is really small and in a depression. I had used a small paint brush to dab extra in all the depressions, but I must have missed two. I will try the thicker glaze technique.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I hate to risk a whole load of work for one plate but this one is so nice. At least now I know I can make another one, in the past I wasn't sure I could be successful on another one. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, you know I just found out that the cactus we have growing in our yard as natives are prickly pear cactus. This plate might have been better more green than aqua, but the green I have isn't as nice. Good greens are hard to produce, at least the ones I like.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, it's a really tiny spot of missing glaze in one of the dots. We're always trying to improve.

    Hi Kittie, thanks you always have the best suggestions on how to display my work.


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