Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tower with Spoils Pile

Yesterday I was building another tower and noticed the clay cutoffs piled up beside the tower. The pile of cutoffs reminded me of mining locations I've seen over the years where the residue or spoils piles of mining were left piled up at the location, a blight on the landscape, a blight on the earth. Nowadays most mining and construction locations are required to return the earth to at least a more pleasing look, but there are many locations which remain around the country where the land has still not recovered from mining operations.

When I lived in California much of the gold mining during the gold rush was done with hydraulics where the earth was washed away from the soil to reveal the rock where the gold veins were located. Without planning man can be very destructive to the earth and negative effects are hard to remedy. Hopefully now we try to think of the consequences beforehand and act responsibly.

Butter is back to his old habit of sleeping in the bathroom sink. I'm not sure how this giant of cat does it but he does. Ha. Did you remember to say white rabbit this morning? I didn't but Gary did. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I would not have know how big Butter really is until he's squeezed in that sink. The thought of tailings after mining is quite interesting. I have a friend who fights mountain top removal in West Virginia. Actively!

  2. I didn't even know about white rabbiting on the first of a month, and now I do. That cat needs his own sink.

  3. That is one awesome big sink kitty!
    I googled White Rabbit and all the references were to Jefferson Airplane or a restaurant. What's the inside scoop on that?

  4. he looks so sweet curled up in there!
    and I can't believe it's July 1st already

  5. Hi Barbara, thanks, of that would be terrible removing a whole mountain top, good for them.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, he does need his own sink, Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, try rabbit rabbit, supposedly you say white rabbit the first day of the month and you're supposed to have good luck the whole month, but you have to say it the first think in the morning not easy to remember. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I can't believe it's July already either, time flies.


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