Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go with the Folds and Creases

Yesterday I was rolling out a bunch of slabs for rectangular and square dishes since I'm running low. I was really on a roll; I was rolling slabs left and right moving along quickly. I was going to get a whole bunch of them made and ready for the Fall art shows. I was rolling out a slab and all of a sudden the clay puckered up and I rolled a crease right in the middle of the slab. Darn the slab wasn't big enough for two rectangular plates only one. This small faux pas threw me off balance. Somehow I was now out of my planned rhythm for the work day.

Then I looked at the crease and it looked interesting to me. So I put few more creases on one side and then I put a few more creases on the other side. Then I decided to gather the creased slab up into a basket form. I really liked how it looked. I decided I needed to add a handle. To go along with the crease theme I creased a flat length of clay several times and added that as a handle just crushing the flat handle in my hand to curve it under and around the edges of the basket. I might make a clay flower frog for the interior. I really surprised myself with this happy accident.

Above is one of the purse forms I made some time ago. The creased basket is similar to the purse forms I've made in the past but more flowing. I like the new shape because of the taller handle and I especially like the creases or folds in the clay. I'd like to explore more forms with creases or folds. Motto of the story is go with the folds and creases. Ha.

I went to the big box store to get some sheetrock. I didn't really need a full sheet, but a half sheet was the same price as a full sheet. For some reason before the clerk cut up a full sheet for me, they mentioned they had a partial sheet which was damaged and asked if I'd like that for two dollars. I said yes. I took it home and Gary cut it up into manageable sizes. I taped the edges with inexpensive painter's tape. The tape actually holds up fairly well as long as I press down the edges really well with my fingers. Now I have enough sheetrock to dry all the greenware plates I'm making.

I started a bisque load late yesterday afternoon and storm blew in and the electricity went off so I unplugged the kiln and then replugged it back in later. Hope all is well. I got my first social security check and thought I could finally afford a teeth cleaning, but all of a sudden my teeth seem to be falling apart. I have a tooth ache and one of only two fillings I have has fallen out. I never seem to be able to get ahead. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. sorry to hear about you teeth problems... you are very lucky though, to have only two fillings. i hardly have a tooth without one :-(
    good luck with the firing!

  2. I always thinks it's fun to see what happens when the clay 'talks' - you do such a great (creative) job of that with your handbuilding.
    Hope the firing survives the storms!
    And sorry about your dental problems. It is always something!

  3. I finally went to the dentist after five years of cheaping out. It cost me $600 but now I can relax about my remaining teeth lasting for a while/

  4. I've been friends with the folds and creases for years. And creases that turn into folds. How old are your slabs?

  5. I love looking into your kiln and seeing all your work just proudly waiting for their first firing! I have had to unplugged my kiln in the middle of a firing, too. Everything was fine so I hope it all came out okay. I have to go back and read your other posts as I have just gotten back from the woods (no wi-fi in the woods :) Sorry to hear about your dental woes. We have a dental school here at Chabot College that does teeth cleaning for $50.00, but it is a half day process with lots of nervous students with shaky hands looking in your mouth!

  6. Hi Michele, thanks, I actually have good teeth, but my gums aren't that good, firing is done and almost ready to open we shall see.

    Hi Judy, thanks, some of best pieces are the ones that 'talk'; it is always something, somehow I think karma knows when I have a few pennies and spends them for me.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, we've been pinching pennies for far too long so I am sure I will pay for it.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, yeah I have a few folds and creases of my own, Ha. the slabs of clay? they are freshly rolled out.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, a dental school is a good idea, although I once got a hair cut at a school and vowed never again. when I lived in San Bernardino in the 70s I got my wisdom teeth pulled at Loma Linda university and they did a good job.

    I hope you go back a couple of posts - I posted my mountain bird's nest after I remembered it from reading your blog and I linked to your post.

  7. Thank you, Linda, for the kind words and the link. I did go back and caught up! I left comments at the posts. I loved reading about your mountain nests and all your adventures.

  8. Hi Charlene, thanks, glad you got to see the mountain nest, I was re-amazed when I saw how many pieces were in one nest.


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