Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting High

Here's my cat Butter getting high. You see he has a motive for getting high; he has a nice view out the window.

All of a sudden Butter has been sneezing and sneezing and I'm wondering if he has inhaled a bug or something. He's an indoor cat, although he does go on the front screened porch most days for an hour or less. Why do these things always happen on the weekends when a trip to the vet will be an emergency and cost more?  Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Dust? Pollen? One of our cats sneezes when he sticks his nose into flowers. Which he does every time we have a vase inside. He knocks them over often as well. And yes it is a rule that pet emergencies will happy out of hours. A variation of Murphy's Law I think.
    I hope Butter gets better quickly.

  2. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I think you are right about that murphy's law, over the years all the emergency vet bills with various cats and dogs seem to be on the weekend. I am wondering if he snorted up one of the love bugs which sneak into the screen porch every time we open the door? He acts like he is trying to sneeze something out.

  3. Butter is one handsome fella! One of our cats has allergies just like people. One eye swells shut spring and fall, his nose dribbles. I took him to the vet in a panic eleven years ago when it first happened. Dr. Mike explained what was happening, offered us the choice of expensive treatments or nothing. I chose the latter, of necessity. He's almost done with ragweed season now. We just tell him he's defective. He's not insulted.

  4. I used to have cats, but after they died, I never replaced them. Too expensive!

  5. That is so true! They always get sick on weekends when you have to take them to the emergency vet and pay through the nose. My one cat used to have allergies but seems to have grown out of it. Thank goodness!

  6. Butter sounds just like my kids- who always seem to need the dr. when it is least available. Hope Butter feels better!

  7. Hi Joanne, thanks, Butter acts like he has something caught in his nose and it especially affects him when he is eating which makes me think he can't breathe through his mouth while he is eating.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, all of our cats are old when they go to kitty heaven I think that will be it for us too out of necessity. they are good company though. we didn't plan on three cats but Butter adopted us.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, Butter has always been healthy and his eyes and nose aren't running, just like he has a tickle.

    Hi Carolyn, thanks, yes these things always happen at inopportune times.


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