Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lovebug Season

The other day at the grocery store I saw one melon for five dollars, I was shocked at that price. Thankfully we have a produce stand nearby where fruits and vegetables are more affordable. That and the local fish market enables us to eat well to try and stay healthy. I worry about families with children wondering how many of them can afford healthy foods which continues to increase in price it seems almost daily. So many other prices continue to rise, like fuel which has increased more than two dollars a gallon in four years.

After living here for more than two years, time does fly, we were happy to afford a small landscape project to usher in the Fall season. Since we're in Florida we thought a tropical plant would be just the atmosphere we needed to enhance our entry. We had a scrawny shrub in this location but in partial shade it languished. Gary and I worked together to install this patch of beauty and are grateful for this small beautification project.
Today we removed the shrub and put in this heliconia, or false bird of paradise, surrounded by bark mulch and some spider plants and a lone orange geranium. I should have taken a before photo but sadly I neglected that small detail. What a difference a small change makes at our home's entry. A spot of color adds so much to enhance our good feelings as we enter and exit our home.

If you look closely at the flower above on the left hand side you'll see two paired lovebugs resting on the flower. It's lovebug season here in Florida; not The Love Bug either. There are two lovebug seasons here, one in Spring and one in Fall, which isn't so lucky. Lovebugs are flying and floating everywhere in the air. If we walk outside they fly into our face and hair. If we drive they cover the front of our car. If they aren't removed immediately, they can take the paint right off. A light spray of cooking oil or a coat of wax before driving helps tremendously in that regard. Thanks for reading and for all your comments


  1. Hello Linda:
    What a lovely way in which to brighten your entrance and to ring the changes. And such seasonal colours too.

    The little insects are indeed totally visible!

  2. love bugs! Beautiful flower- 5.00 for a melon oh,my!

  3. Something alive and brightly coloured does do such a lot to brighten my spirits. That looked truly lovely.
    I don't think we get Love Bugs - for which I am grateful.

  4. What a pretty way to brighten up a spot. I've never heard of false bird of paradise. Nice!
    We have enough bugs up here....I can live without love bugs.

  5. Some schools have implemented a gardening program so that kids can get healthy foods while they learn about the environment & horticulture. I believe some are doing that for just the same concerns that you expressed.
    Such a beautiful flower to have by your door. It should make you pause for a moment before you enter the house.

  6. I love that plant. I had never heard of a false bird of paradise either.

  7. What a lovely inviting plant for your entryway! Never heard of the oil trick, but it sounds very smart. I do not miss the lovebugs. But other seasonal animals let me know fall is here.

  8. What a fascinating flower - I think a tiger's tail got trapped in it somewhere! LOL

  9. Affordable food is so important! I love the tropical plants - so different than Colorado.

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  11. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes I'm liking orange nowadays.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, slowly adding a few flowers to the landscape.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, you are lucky you don't have love bugs.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I had never heard of it either, lots of new plants here in Florida for me.

    Hi Lori, thanks, that is a good idea having a garden at school and then when the kids are off for the summer perhaps they'll have one at home too.

    Hi Michele, thanks, something good things can be found at wallyworld. Ha.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the wax didn't work so well according to Gary so now he's trying the cooking spray.

    Hi Jinksy, thanks, yes there is a tiger in there. Ha.

    Hi Cynthia, thanks, yes tropical are different, but I bet you get lots of wonderful wildflowers in Colorado.


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