Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The following pieces found new homes over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks so much to my collectors and followers.

Meanwhile I have several new ideas percolating in my head. You know how I am about pottery ideas. Remember those electric percolators? You know a coffee percolator (image borrowed from the net). My mom had one of those when I was small and I loved to hear that sound and watch the coffee bubbling up in the small glass knob.

Seems to me before the electric one she had one which went on the stove, an aluminum one. I guess they still make percolators. I use a drip coffee maker with paper filters, the brown, non bleached filters. I grind my beans each time. I have reduced my intake to one cup per day down from two. I also have a French press type of coffee filter around here somewhere. How about you? Do you drink coffee? What kind of coffee maker do you use? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I use an electric automatic drip coffee maker and usually make 10 cups for hubby and me. I don't grind coffee beans anymore, since I wake up early (1:30 am today, 2:30 yesterday) and don't want to disturb people.

  2. I used an electric farberware percolator for years. Now I use a drip machine. Jeff and I like a french press or making coffee one cup at a time with a stoneware filter holder that Jeff makes. Unfortunately the one he had broke and he hasn't gotten around to making a new one!
    We use the drip machine because of convenience... make a pot and it stays hot all morning in it's stainless steel carafe... and we probably drink way too much coffee.

  3. I drink tea. I am happy with teabags but have lots and lots of leaf tea for any occasion as well. My partner drinks coffee. He uses the espresso machine, or makes turkish coffee on the cook top. My parents had a stove top percolator which they replaced with an electric one.

  4. I do drink coffee, a couple of cups every morning and might have another in the afternoon. We use a drip machine with a permanent filter that gets dumped out between cups. They last forever and are environmentally friendly. The coffee maker has a stainless steal carafe that keeps the coffee warm all day without electricity or burning the coffee. Actually, I think it's time for a refill right now.

  5. Sipping my half and half...half decaf, half whatever coffee I have already around. (Funny, the beans never get ground these days) Sometimes I use the cappuccino machine to make an Americano (just add boiling water to make a full cup which is very robust). I drink it with half and half instead of sugar now. Oh, the alternative is to drip boiling water through my little pottery "pour over" drip cone. I do use paper filters, but will look into finding one of those metal ones...sounds like a good idea. Two cups in the morning, then switch to herbal decaf teas for afternoons.

  6. Love this post, Linda---I know you lived around here once so you may know about Peet's Coffee! The best! I grind my own dark French roasted beans that I get from Peet's, french press and drink it black. Oh la, la! I do this in honor of my French half. For my Japanese half I drink green tea O-cha cha cha:) in the afternoon. Obviously, from this comment, I get way too much caffeine! My Little Maw Maw made such strong coffee she went through 12 electric percolators until my Nanan gave her back her white enamel non-electric coffee pot!

  7. I bought a Mr Coffee back in the 70's and used it until 2003. When it died, I got a new one that lasted only a few years. I've had several since then.

  8. I cut back to maybe four cups a day. I couldn't get by on just one; it wouldn't last long enough. Like the coffee pot Ms. Sparrow mentioned. I bought a black and decker in 1988 that lasted until 2005. Since then it's a coffee pot every six months. I'm back to a Black and Decker that I like and hope it will like me, too.

  9. I drink a cup of coffee with my hub in the a.m. I don't particularly like coffee but the sociability is nice. We have a coffee maker, probably like yours, same type filters.

    Linda, when we were in Maine, we stopped at Georgetown Pottery (not far from Brunswick). I took some photos to share with you. Hope to send next week. Kinda against the clock right now.

  10. I remember those old coffee percolators! What beautiful pieces of ceramic art - the leaf is my favorite- it matches the trees I saw today perfectly!

  11. Hi Gigi, thanks, my Gary hates it when I grind the beans, it really irritates his ears I guess and he doesn't drink coffee and never has, although he says coffee ice cream tastes good.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I like a French press, but I don't like cleaning the grounds out of the bottom and don't want them in my septic tank, I kind of hate the fact I am using all that paper for my filters.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I may have to check into one of those permanent filters I don't like contributing to cutting down trees. If I drink any coffee after 12 noon I'll be up all night, caffeine affects me very easily. I can drink herbal teas in the afternoons and evenings.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I put half and half in my coffee and no sugar. Ha. I am so very guilty. I have an expresso machine and I have never used it, never, I must remedy that. Yes herbal teas in the afternoons.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I have been to Peet's coffee and there was also a place in SF I think it was SF coffee roasters, I loved walking by smelling the freshly roasted coffee beans. I just can't drink it black I use half and half. Anything of porcelain I think is good to use for strong liquids which may leach metals.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, you know I had the same experience with my coffee makers they don't make them like they used to do they.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, I think they are making products to last only so long to get repeat business.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, Gary and I are just the opposite, I love coffee and he doesn't drink it. I'll look forward to your photos, take your time, your writing comes first.

    Hi Carolyn, thanks, aren't those old percolators a hoot. I love that glaze on the left I need to make more of them.

  12. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, funny how some folks never got into coffee, my mom used to drink a lot of coffee I think. There's that expresso machine again, I really must get mine out and use it. I think maybe I never have because Gary doesn't drink coffee and seems such a waste for one person, perhaps when we have company I'll get it out.

  13. My mom always perked coffee & my bf prefers it that way too. I'm a K-cup girl though. I like the first one(first pic) best.~Mary


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