Friday, October 5, 2012

Contemporary Everlastings

Here are two more everlastings in a contemporary style. I've had them sitting in the cabinet for quite a while. I've been pondering where I want to go with them. The vase is glazed but the wave shapes are fired separately and colored with underglaze only. My idea was to have a contrast between the matt surface of the shapes and the shiny glaze of the vase. In order for the shapes to stay arranged the top of the vase needed to be narrow. Now that I think of it, they could actually be secured with sand or paper after they were arranged. I've done that with dried flower arrangements; why not ceramic arrangements. See what I mean about pondering.
In this next one I left the pom pom shapes natural clay. I could see these in a green vase or even a natural clay vase. I like the color and texture of natural clay. Something wood fired would be nice too. I could make the pom poms larger or use bright colors. I could make so many more shapes, even ones droop or dangle over the edge. I could make big jutting leaf shapes. These also lend themselves to mixing and matching of shapes and color. I could also make a more sculptural vase; maybe one with folds and creases. I love working with clay; it lends itself to so many possibilities.

Today I went out to check the herbs I have planted in the raised concrete beds and discovered this volunteer plant was flowering. Of course I want to make a similar shaped tubular flower out of clay.

Do you know what this plant is? I tried to find out but no luck. I see each flower comes out by a leaf. The leaves are smooth and narrow. I wonder if hummingbirds will sip nectar from these? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Sometimes writing or talking about a piece brings up a wealth of ideas. I was thinking about florist foam to hold pieces in place inside the vase after firing but newspaper would be less expensive. So many possibilities.

  2. Hi Lori, thanks, you know that's why I post on my blog each day, just looking at my work and talking about, and having others comment, really stimulates my mind. Sometimes I wish I was in a classroom setting once a week but in lieu of that the blog is the next best thing. There is also a florists clay that stays soft that can be used, just remembered that.

  3. The great thing about using sand is it can stabilize the piece as well as keep the wave shapes in place. We had a booth neighbor at a show who had easily tipped over vases on tall pedestals. She placed a small bag of sand in each one to prevent them from being knocked over.

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, that's a great idea for the vases, putting a bag of sand in there. I have some small muslin sand bags I've used for weighting down platters in the center while they are drying but never thought to use them for the shows, brilliant.

  5. What fine and it looks like the sticks on one image. Have a nice weekend.


  6. I love these, too. So elemental.

  7. Those two pieces remind me of undersea creatures!

  8. I like the first piece especially, with those wavy forms emerging from the vase..a very creative idea!!

  9. Loved all of these. Plasticene is another option to keep things steady when there is not enough room for the weight of sand you will need. Though often the way things settle of their own accord gives wonderful results.

  10. wow, you are so creative. among other things, you inspire others to make clay to mirror just about anything!

  11. Hi Elna, thanks, yes sticks or twigs like a dried arrangement, very minimalist.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, this is more my own home style, modern and contemporary, but some folks like more traditional arrangements.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, oh how cool you see that in these. I was hoping no one thought the first one looked like snakes, maybe an eel. Ha.

    Hi Mark, thanks, again I was hoping no one thought they looked like snakes, wanted just the outline or the form to be the focal point.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, I am not familiar with plasticene, must check into that.

    Hi Amy, thanks, so many ideas and so little time. I may be able to combine these with the towers so as not to have too many groups of series.


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