Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Crow Gathering

Every Fall crows gather by the hundreds in our neighborhood.
This morning hundreds of crows were flying over our home way up high.
Round and round they flew in the clear blue sky soaring higher and higher, crowing their song.
They seemed to be calling out their love of flying, their love of living, their love for their crow family.
An ordinary day was transformed by a crow gathering, with their flying and crowing. The photos don't capture the event as I felt it, you'd have to be there to see them, to hear and feel their song.
Footnote: the larger bird is a vulture flying much lower than the crows. Apparently there are certain other places where crows gather each Fall and Winter. Once in Oklahoma there were over 2 million crows gathered in one place. Follow the link for some facts about crows. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I have always thought it is unfair that the collective name for crows is 'a murder'. They are such intelligent birds and, as you say, they seem to take real joy in life. We rarely get them in groups any bigger than families - but I love to see them.

  2. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I read only poets have named them a murder but a group should be called a flock. They are given a bad rap much of the time but the link I attached at the end dispels many myths about crows. They are very intelligent and shouldn't be maligned because of that I think. I'm thinking every day I may see them but then maybe not, we shall see.

  3. So many they are. Great pictures.


  4. What a wonderful thing to witness!

  5. They can be so fun to watch when they all gather together and fly. It's like a crow family reunion.

  6. I am fond of crows. I get a bang out of watching them when they come to feed and call to the rest of the family to come and join in. But I can't imagine how such a huge number of them in one location can find enough to eat.

  7. Amazing! Once in the field behind our house we saw 40ish hawks. We told that is a once in a life time event.

  8. wow, that's a lot of crows. Unfortunately crows always remind me of Stephen King's book, "The Stand".

  9. Sounds like you have a wonderful Roost at your home! That must be something to see them all outside your house, telling stories, singing songs, playing games...awesome!

  10. That's lovely, a magical post. It is inspiring and humbling to witness a huge gathering of birds like that. They are so gloriously independent, and are dancing to the beat of their own drum!

  11. Hi Elna, thanks, if you only saw them in person, amazing.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, there were many more than the photos show, truly amazing.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes like a reunion or a crow pow wow once a year.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, apparently some scientists think they congregate in areas where there is plenty of food.

    Hi Connie, thanks, that would be amazing to see that many hawks all at once, I've only seen three or so together, usually a family.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I've always loved crows for some reason.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes amazing and wondrous to think of their conversations up in the air.

    Hi Peter, thanks, I felt special and lucky to have witnessed their meeting above me. I was a little worried looking up but thankfully nothing dropped from the sky. Ha.


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