Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cold Snap and Repeat Customers

All of a sudden the weather made a right turn into a cold snap. It's supposed to get below freezing tonight. So we made up some faucet covers with supplies we had on hand. I took some batting (as in quilt batting) and inserted it inside a plastic bag. Gary put the bags over all our outside faucets and taped them on. Hope these work. We also covered some tender plants with sheets and towels. 

During the day I noticed this cardinal sitting under the eaves on a shrub. I thought he was trying to keep warm in a sheltered area out of the wind. I felt sorry for the birds so when I went to the grocery store I bought some bird seed and put it out for the birds. But they had all gone to roost early. I hope to see them at the feeder tomorrow.

One of my customers who I met at the Christmas Art Fair phoned this week to purchase more of my  pottery. She came by and bought quite a few pieces. Be sure to put your business card in every package for future sales, you just never know. If you're local just give me a call to arrange a time to stop by and shop. If you're out of town, please check out my Etsy shop or Big Cartel shop. If you see a piece of pottery on my blog you'd like to purchase please let me know via phone or email. Thanks to all my customers and to all those reading and commenting


  1. Good luck with the sales. I really like the two things I bought from you. No regrets whatsoever.

  2. One winter, the condo assn didn't turn off all the outside faucets and a pipe froze and burst between the walls of my place. It soaked the carpet in two rooms and made an awful mess. It's a good thing you're on top of it!

  3. I love repeat customers!

    I guess in Florida they don't install frost free spigots like they do up north. They are great, you don't have to worry about shutting off the outside water.

  4. Hope the birds return soon... Merry Christmas Linda!

  5. Merry Christmas Linda. I'm happy for you getting the repeat sales - may there be many more!

    Didn't realise Florida got that cold that you need to worry about the taps freezing - good to be prepared.

  6. I am very happy that a woman of taste bought from you and came back for more. Taste and discernment. I hope you are suitably protected against the cold.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Hi Gigi, thanks so much, happy holidays to you and your family.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, one of the drawbacks to living in condo, so sorry for that loss you had.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I guess they don't install them but they should at least the upper half of the state.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, happy holidays to you both too.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I hope so too, the squirrel found the seeds today so I will have to get a squirrel proof bird feeder, still no birds.

    Hi Anna, thanks, happy holidays to you too.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks so much, happy holidays to you.


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