Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Floating Like Pelicans

Gary has been dreaming of owning a boat. Just before Christmas I saw one for sale down the street at a yard sale; so I got this aluminum boat for him. Merry Christmas Gary.

With manatee's swimming and low water levels with limestone obstacles a boat with a deep V isn't a good choice for Citrus County waterways. Our boat will only drop a few inches below the water line so it's perfect for the rivers and bay waters here on the Nature Coast.

The boat needs clean up but that's what Gary likes doing. He already pressure washed the boat and trailer and he's been sanding the boat getting it ready for paint. He also took off the outboard motor and is rebuilding it. We hope to build a canopy for the boat with some aluminum pipe and canvas.

We spent a quiet Christmas visiting with neighbors and talking to relatives and friends on the phone and looking at lots of old slides. Soon we hope to be on the water floating like pelicans. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday.


  1. image of manatee and waterway borrowed from net.

  2. Your Tuesday sounds just fine. We too floated, but here in Eastern Maine where the temps were in the teens and twenties, it wasn't quite so balmy and the birds on the water were gulls and ducks. Best Wishes for 2013.

  3. Hi Christine, thanks, oh we did have a cold snap here the other day down to 25 but it has warmed back up again. I wouldn't want to float with those temps, too cold for me. Ha.

  4. You tow have a lot of vision for that boat, it'll be fun to do and exciting for us to watch it happen.

  5. You two are going to have a blast with that boat!!! Can't wait to see the pictures you will take while floating like pelicans.

  6. Floating like pelicans will be an image I'll keep in mind in the cold gray days of February.

    Happy Boxing Day! :)

  7. How nice of you to get that boat for your hubby. It keeps him busy, too. Hope you are not prone to motion sickness, like I am.

  8. What a wonderful present. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  9. I'm so glad you got a boat that won't harm the manatees. I feel so bad when I see how beat up the poor things can get by boats and motors.

  10. While your floating I will be shoveling snow :)

  11. Oooh pelicans. And manatees. It sounds perfect - for Gary and for you.

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  13. Hi Lori, thanks, yes a lot of vision and a lot of work. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I can't wait to be floating along in the water to see all the birds in their habitat.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I am usually not motion sick but eating a little ginger helps with it if need be.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, I can't wait to try this one out, we'll probably go on a lake at first then venture into the bay.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes the manatees are such gentle creatures we will go slow in winter cause many of them are in the warm spring waters now.

    Hi Dee, thanks, we shoveled many a pile of snow when we lived in the mountains. One driveway had 980 shovel fulls and of course our snow blower broke just before a big storm.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, we can't wait to get out on the water and float along, the motor will be just above trolling speed so no speeding for us just ambling along.


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