Friday, December 7, 2012

Leaves and Mermaids

We've had crisp cool nights and warm dry days which makes for some good fall color here in Florida. This is an ornamental pear in our front yard with darker vein color.

Here's a native Florida maple still hanging on to a few leaves which are a wondrous rosy pink color. I'm still seeing frogs, toads, and baby lizards hopping and running around in the yard. And the black snake has made a home in the side yard.

Looks like I have to make more leaf dishes since I sold two more leaves on Etsy. Miracles never cease as they say. Speaking of Etsy, Michele put together a wonderful treasury featuring pottery of pottery bloggers. While you're checking out Etsy see Michele's shop for her piggy banks and more wonderful pottery; she also has a mermaid orb which really caught my eye.

Do folks still use stockings? I remember as a kid we had stockings and it was so much fun looking inside to see what small gift might be hidden in there. I think a handmade piece of pottery would make a great stocking stuffer. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I am not surprised that your leaves are selling so well. They are quirky, unique and stylish - what's not to love. And you are right about the mermaid orb - it is fascinating and looks as if it would be good to hold as well. Another great post - thank you.

  2. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, quirky, hum never thought of them that way. I too would love to hold that orb. Michele puts clay beads inside and if the orb is shaken it makes a melodious sound.

  3. I love the usefulness of the leaves. I make some here as well but have to wait until spring to gather the leaves.
    Don't you love the fall colors!

  4. Thanks for sharing the treasury and my orb on your blog!

  5. The leaves are really great and should ad a nice touch to anyone's home. No wonder they are selling so well.
    We still use stockings, they are hanging in front of the fireplace now.

  6. Christmas stockings, well... sort of. My father used to leave a huge old sock at the end of my bed and stuff it with all sorts of things. Usually there was a mandarin, some raisins, a few Brazil nuts, a potato, all wrapped individually in foil. And then there were various small presents done up in Christmas paper. It was very exciting trying to stay awake long enough to catch Santa in the act of leaving the sock (which we never quite did!), and waking up early in the morning and feeling the weight of it on the bed. Love the leaves and the autumn leaves. Px

  7. It's like you're a full season behind us!

  8. I think the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care...they are just bigger and more elaborate and you put jewelry in them or a small electronic game or a money gift card. I think people enjoy leaves...they are great to decorate with year round. You do such nice pottery I can see why they are selling.Keep it up :)

  9. Hi Meredith, thanks, I was kind of missing them till this week, been so warm here. I'd like to find more leaves I can use for different sizes. It's fun making them.

    Hi Michele, thanks, love that orb, so cool.

    Hi Lori, thanks, good to hear about your stockings, sometimes little gifts are the best I think.

    Hi Peter, thanks, love hearing about the huge sock at the foot of your bed, what a wonderful memory. What was the significance of the potato?

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, it has been unseasonably warm this fall here so we are really behind. Temps have been 10 degrees warmer than last year and are setting records for here.

    Hi Dee, thanks, good to hear about the stockings, didn't even think about electronic gifts, but I guess you are right, some things have changed or gotten more elaborate.


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