Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bonsai in Selby Gardens

If you've just arrived, in the past two posts we've been touring the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. Last time we visited the bamboo section and koi pond. Today we'll continue our tour and see the bonsai display.

Bonsai take incredible work to grow, shape and keep healthy and can live hundreds of years. I admire the patience it must have taken those who grew these.

Believe it or not there's still more to see in the gardens like lots of palms, even coconut palms with coconuts, views of the gulf, and more, so stay tuned.

I've added a few items to my Etsy Shop; my shelves were full of pottery pieces I was reluctant to let go. I've decided to make a clean slate for the new year, so I'll be adding more as the days go by. I'm making room for new pieces running around in my head inspired by my trip to the gardens. This post is part of Artists in Blogland, what's happening in the studio. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Such beautiful photographs as always, and a very calming effect.

  2. I believe Bonsai plants in Japan are left as benefits in people's wills.
    Coincidentally I have a potter friend whose surname is Selby and she makes special Bonsai pots for Australian plants.

  3. Thanks for all the botanical photos. Here it is -5 degrees and all white outside. The greenery and flowers are so refreshing.

  4. These trips through the garden are a very nice way to start the morning, thank you.

  5. Oh I really needed a little tropical this morning. Roar of lion, gorilla, and elephants in the wind all night long, and still going this morning.

  6. Your botanical photos are all gorgeous. Really enjoyed looking at them!

  7. I love bonsai and I love your photos of them. Good job!

  8. Love bonsai! I have tried so hard to have one. Problem I had was loving them to death. Over water and for sure over I sat it in front of me and would wait for any show of growth, then trim the heck out of it. I'll admire from afar from now on. Great pics!!!

  9. I love those beautiful bonsais. I have a fake one because I could never hope to keep a real one alive.

  10. It is good to make room for new projects. I can relate to letting go . I have the same issue, but I also like knowing my art is being appreciated by someone. Art is meant to be shared :)

  11. How nice to see bonsai there! I like the one without a pot (probably on a slate?). Beautiful!

  12. Such peaceful surrounds. Love that huge old bell.
    What beautifully cool, deep green images - perfect contrast to the heat we are having over here :)

  13. Hi Carole, thanks, botanical gardens are wonderful places to relax.

    Hi Anna, thanks, yes I think bonsai are very revered in Japan. I have always wanted to make a bonsai pot but never have, one of these days.

    Hi Christine, thanks, mother nature does have it's extremes that's for sure, we are lucky down here with the good weather.

    Hi Lori, thanks, when it gets gray here I can remember this trip myself, glad you are enjoying the photos.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, what a poetic way to describe the night sounds, wonderful.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh how I love visiting gardens, I must make a point to it more often.

    Hi Michele, thanks, when I used to hike in the sierra mtns I would find natural bonsai growing in the rocks, they are amazing.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, these bonsai were particularly large compared to the ones I've seen the past, they must have been really old.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I had one once but I killed it too, lots of particular needs I didn't have time for, plants in the ground I have better success with.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I know just what you mean, others are much more successful at taking care of these than I too.

    Hi Dee, thanks, yes that is a good part of the wonder of art that it can be shared with others.

    Hi Midori, thanks, amazing how they can grow on so very little and give so much beauty.

    Hi Vicki, thanks, oh yes the greens can be so refreshing to observe when sweltering in the heat.

  14. Wonderful post! I love, love, love bonsai. Our local botanical gardens is working on a larger display of them and they are my favorite thing to go see when there. Lots of botanical inspiration here. :)

  15. such beautiful bonsai-must be an incredible botanical garden!! Great photos!

  16. Thanks for the tour, love the statuary and that bell! Bonsai is a favorite of my husband so we always find those gardens wherever we go. Sarasota's looks quite special. xox

  17. Hi Carol, thanks, yes lots of inspiration.

    Hi Linda, thanks, one of the best gardens I've been to in a long time.

    Hi Corrine, thanks, so glad we went to this garden, I plan on going again when the weather warms up to see how the garden changes.


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