Friday, January 25, 2013

Trunks at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Yes we're looking at tree trunks at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens this time. That's me standing under a branch, so much beauty, strength, and wonder in trunks of trees.

 There's much to see and contemplate in nature and gardens.

I don't know what has happened to my relays; they were supposed to be dropped shipped to me. I'll have to call to see where they are. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's the old trees that draw me to them and the one's with amazing roots above ground. They feel wise, don't you think?

  2. Those tree trunks just call you to play in them.

  3. Hi Robyn, thanks, yes the trees are wise with the knowledge of longevity and the stories I imagine they could tell about their time growing. One of the trees the last one was uprooted in a huricaine and was pruned severely and replanted and came back to life again, amazing.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes the trunks were magical to walk around, if I was a kid again I surely would have climbed upone.

  4. So glad you climbed in among the roots so we could see the size of them! Lovely and inspiring!

  5. Those are some incredible trees. I would love to see them sometime.

  6. I love them. I am a tree person and I love the trunks as well. Thanks for the demo of you there.

    Excellent shots. That is a cool garden. Lucky you to go.

  7. Wow. What a cool place. Great photos.

  8. Wonderful pictures. Wonderful red blossom.

  9. amazing beauty in those trees.
    Ice here today so I can sit inside and read blogs!

  10. Amazing pictures. I've never seen tree's like this before. Have a nice weekend.


  11. Love those crazy tree roots! I can't beging to tell you how many photos I have taken of them when I am in Florida... I just can't help myself!

  12. These are amazing trees. The picture of you standing under the trunk shows how unique they are. Love them.

  13. Hi Barbara, thanks, the tree roots truly amazed me, some of them were supporting branches larger than tree trunks.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, oh to have one of those in my yard to gaze upon daily, they were worth the visit.

    Hi Sparkle, thanks, I too have always been drawn to trees and the ones in this garden had me doubting I could choose a favorite.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I wish I could live next door to this garden, I would be in heaven daily.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, isn't that the coolest blossom, just a single on on the whole tree.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, these trees really inspired me with their uniqueness, we are warming up again; don't like ice at all too scary to walk in or drive in.

    Hi Elna, thanks, these were amazing trees and some of them related to indoor plants the ficus.

    Hi Michele, thanks, looking at these trees reminded me of Michael Mahan's work with his intricate tree carvings.

    Hi Dee, thanks, I was just as surprised when I got home and looked at the photo of me so dwarfed by the tree, truly wonderful.


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